The Mendition of the Quay

The Mendition of the Quay is a four-piece psych-pop group from Connecticut. The two founders, lifelong pals David Elliott (who you may have seen behind the counter at Replay Records in Hamden, CT) and Justin Martell (author of the upcoming definitive biography of pop culture icon Tiny Tim), have spent their lives scouring every record shop they could get to for 60's pop, garage and psychedelic sounds. After devouring everything from Gary Lewis & The Playboys to The Mystic Astrologic Crystal Band, the members of the Quay have crafted an album that plays to their influences while still maintaining a sense of identity and originality.

Greencard Wedding

Greencard Wedding (Jody Christopherson and Ryan McCurdy) is an American&Irish indie-folk-rock duo that originated in Crown Heights Brooklyn and continues to work cross continent.

Their music is a theatrical combination of intense acoustic guitar and vocal harmonies, initially written late at night in their Crown Heights Brooklyn living room on a red velvet couch fueled by diet coke and Whiskey. Since Dec. 2012 the band has been separated by visa regulations but has continued to make music over Skype, whatsapp, email and occasionally in person. Greencard Wedding's LP's Three Hours in May (recorded in 3 Hours May 2013) can be purchased on bandcamp and their LP Forced Co-Habitation can be found on Itunes.

Jody and Ryan are both actors as well as musicians. Currently, Greencard Wedding is touring 2014 productions of their transmedia musical The Skype Show or See You in August which premiered in FringeNYC, August 2013. Their LP with songs from the Skype Show will be released in summer of 2014.

Recent concert venues include: DROM, Choga, Fat Baby NYC, Ella Lounge, INTAR Roots and New Music Festival, Dixon Place, The LES Music Festival, The Parkside Lounge, Bowery Poetry Club, The Back Porch, Romeo and Juilet Drink the Young Wine, the campaign rap "If We All Love America" for the Eisenhower Presidential Library and "Daisy in the Sun" and for the film "LIKE THIS" winner of the 2012 Eqxusite Corpse Film Festival in NYC.

Many Greencard Wedding shows include a homemade set list t-shirt worn by one lucky audience member, bubbles, bouqet tossing and cake baked by the band. ​Whiskey infused Irish wedding cake is their favorite.

Follow the band on Twitter @GreencardWeddin

Lee Lawless

"...a strong blues/rock riff and a pleasant vocal from Lawless that sounds like a more subdued version of Jimi Hendrix or Robert Cray."

"The riffing is wonderfully catchy and driving and is backed up by a chugging bass performance that demonstrates Lawless’ abilities aren’t just limited to playing lead".

-- Heath Andrews

My Name Is Gabriel Mayers

I'm no one special. I've always been shy. I've never been popular or considered cool by a lot of people. I'm not particularly good at any sport or anything like that. Im not brainy. I don't have any degrees and I've never been recognized for anything with any kind of award besides "class participation" certificates I got back in grade school.

About 9 years ago I decided to drop out of school and pick up the guitar with the dream of becoming a big star like my hero, Kurt Cobain. I taught myself to play guitar, write songs and sing. I was told by most people that music is too hard of an industry to break into and that my time would be better spent pursuing an education or starting a career.

I didn't listen. I read. I studied music. I listened to Dylan and Lennon and Hendrix and Cobain and whoever else inspired me to live my life my way. I followed my heart. It led me a few places I'd have rather not gone. The hopelessness of my dream weighed heavy on me every day for years and I contemplated ending my life. What would be the point of living a life where dreams were things that must be deferred, denied or crushed to fit the expectations of society?


I didn't quit. I kept playing. I brought the fullness of my heart and richness of my experience directly to the people. I took the music to the NYC subway, which is famous for building the careers of many famous musicians. Still, there was doubt, internally and externally. Still I played. I devoted my life to the music. I put my heart out there. I found a cure for the doubt in opening myself completely. For better or worse, here I am.



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