Introducing...Mr. Joey Diamond

Chances are you have heard of Joey Diamond and if you haven't you surely will in the near future. Joey Diamond is a Hit YouTube Sensation with 45 Million Views and 214 Thousand Subscribers.

Joey got his start at the tender age of 5 singing at Church and having fun doing karaoke with his family. At 13 Joey took the stage and entered the "Urgency Idol" Talent Competition, where he competed against 200 plus hopefuls. Joey blew the crowd away and made it to the finals.

The entertainment bug had now bitten the young Joey Diamond. His dream now was to be a Performer. One day while sitting in front of his computer, an idea struck him to record a YouTube Video, so he did. He put on that Joey Diamond smile and he sung The Hit Classic "My Girl". And before he knew it, that video had 2 Million Views.

All of a sudden people were coming up to Joey and saying "Hey I seen you on YouTube." And people began to request that he perform at their parties, quincenaras, high schools and other events. Joey also joined his High School Show Choir to rave reviews.

Joey Diamond's popularity and celebrity began to swell, earning him spots on Sean Kingston World Tour, The Melbourne Take Over Tour and other opportunities to perform around the World.

Joey's global appeal has garnered him loyal fans from the United Kingdom, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Italy, Philippines, South America and every other corner of the globe where you will find a computer screen.

Joey, no stranger to Social Media, loves to interact with his fans, where he posts regularly videos of himself doing what he loves, singing and also offering up friendly advice with Joey Speaks. Joey's very loyal fan base continues to grow as he has 300 Thousand Facebook Likes, 80 Thousand Twitter Followers, 42 Million YouTube Views and 180 Thousand Subscribers.

Today Joey is enjoying the Spotlight while he gets ready for the next stage of his promising career and the fulfillment of his life long dream.

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