This Quebec, Canada-based death metal band, formed by Luc Lemay (vocals), Sylvain Marcoux (guitar), Eric Giguere (bass) and Stephane Provencher (drums), promised great things on their 1991 debut, Considered Dead, which featured guest spots from the Death guitarist James Murphy and Cannibal Corpse vocalist Chris Barnes.

The Roadrunner Records label had signed the band on the strength of the impressive ...And Then Comes Lividity demo of 1990. However, The Erosion Of Sanity failed to make an impact in the midst of the black metal explosion of 1993 and band and label parted ways. Gorguts then fell silent for five years, and many fans assumed that they had parted ways permanently, but singer Lemay returned in 1998 with a new line-up (guitarist Steeve Hurdle, bass player Steve Cloutier and drummer Patrick Robert), a new contract with the Olympic label and Obscura, which lived up to its title by exploring progressive, almost avant garde areas to an uncertain response. From Wisdom To Hate, featuring new guitarist Daniel Mongrain, was similarly difficult, but Gorguts are nothing if not persevering.

The band's first demo was never released on CD and the band's classic albums Considered Dead (1991) and The Erosion of Sanity (1993) have been out of print for years now, so we thought that, Gorguts' fans would enjoy hearing these songs once again. Steve MacDonald played on the 1993 and 1995 demo, as well as on Track #18 ("Inoculated Life" - live). Steve is sadly missed but not forgotten.


Epic. This is the only word that can truly describe Necronomichrist. This band combines multiple metal genres to form a unique perspective on progressive death metal. Formed in September of 2006, they have echoed the sound of perseverance, and endured many struggles to become the most brutal, take no prisoners band in the Massachusetts extreme metal underground. From being banned due to controversy from religious conservatives and media chaos over the extreme nature of this brutal act, and even sudden line up changes, this band has seen fearful doubters and antagonists fall before them.

Featuring the impressive and monstrous range of vocalist Bill Sawin and the punishing riffs of Fat Lenny Patterson meeting head on with the majestic atmosphere of Matt O'Brien on keys, the thunderous bass of Nate Plummer, and the polyrhythmic machine gun blasting of drummer Kendall Divoll(Infinite Descent), Necronomichrist is quickly gaining a reputation as one of the hardest working and tightest acts ever to come from New England. Having just finished up recording a 5 song EP, titled "The Intimacy of Armageddon" with producer Rob Gil, Necronomichrist will be tearing up stages everywhere.

Necronomichrist is here to take the world by storm, and bring the epic sound of war and opposition to the metal masses.

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