Illusion Fusion starring Alex Ramon

Illusion Fusion starring Alex Ramon

Alex Ramon has mesmerized millions around the world with his innovative magic. Just ten years after receiving his first magic book Alex redefined the role of a magician and made history. His sleight-of-hand skill and presentation of illusions are world class and have earned him top honors from his peers. This remarkable young showman has perfected his craft, making him a modern master of magic. Alex Ramon has been at the center of multi-million dollar productions that have taken him across the globe where he has mystified people from all walks of life. Whether he performs live or on television his charisma is engaging and captivating. Alex is recognized by his unparalleled energy, inspiring personality, and charming smile. When you see him perform, you realize Alex Ramon is the magic.

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A magical experience suited for people of all ages. “A razzle-dazzle exhibition of sleight-of-hand… and other mind-bending magic acts” - says The Los Angeles Times “Mystifying Magic” – says The New York Times “Illusion Fusion,” the high-energy theatrical show starring Award-Winning Master Magician Alex Ramon, features world class, illusions, slight-of-hand close-up, unique, never-before-seen magic, and hilarious comedy. Alex Ramon has mesmerized millions around the world, performing on 4 continents in 14 countries. He’s was the first magician in history to star as the "Magical Zingmaster" for Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® circus, The Greatest Show on Earth®. Alex also toured the globe as the star of Disney Live! Alex Ramon won the coveted “Stage Magician of the Year”, along with other high honors such has the Lance Burton Award, and was the National Stage Magician Champion.

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