Fumer, Nifty Breed, White Fire, and Joshua Grassle Project

Fumer is an independently operated musical group from St. louis, Missouri, United States. We perform periodically around the midwest and deposit our "sacred art" onto all who witness. Our live performances and recorded music are not widely understood, most likely because the majority of listeners are not familiar with a number of bands which we are a lackluster imitation of. That, combined with the fact that we perform our music at ear splitting volume, makes for an alienating-good-time. We hope to see you at one of our upcoming live things. Mild amusement guaranteed.

Nifty Breed

Nifty Breed formed some time in 2006. The band has come a long way since their modest beginning in the suburbs of Long Island, earning praise all across New York and recently across state lines. Nifty Breed has opened for the likes of Envy on the Coast, The Front Bottoms, The Misfits and CKY. With their debut album, "Keep Quiet", out now on One Alliance Records, Nifty Breed hope to bring their unique sound to the masses.

"Keep Quiet" Out Now!

White Fire

This band was formed after Nate (ex In Transit) emailed Spencer (of Cathedral Fever) and asked if he wanted to jam. They did and after a couple practices had a few songs done. Derek (also of Cathedral Fever) came in on bass to round out the trio and White Fire became a real boy.

Joshua Grassle Project

$8.00 - $10.00


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