BIZZY BONE (of Bone Thugz n Harmony)

Bizzy Bone started his solo career in 1998. He is best known for his style of combining rapid fire raps, double harmony choruses, with a soft-spoken and high-pitched delivery. His solo debut, Heaven'z Movie, was critically acclaimed and certified Platinum by the RIAA.
The Gift, released on April 7, 2001, peaked at #2 on the US Billboard Independent Albums chart. Many of the songs on the album dealt with his personal life and childhood.
In 2004, Bizzy released Alpha and Omega which showed a change in his musical and lyrical content. Fans responded positively to the album. Bizzy followed up with the limited-edition internet album The Beginning and the End (album). He has released several albums with little or no marketing.


Jahni Denver one of Colorado’s up and coming artists that not only has the streets of colorado “buzzing” over his music, he has a great viral presence with worldwide recognition. His debut single “BankRoll” ft. Bizzy Bone received over 350,000 views online within 1 week and received over 11,000 likes on facebook via the single was featured on over 41 blog sites worldwide and received a 5 star rating on 50 cents website his performance at Herman’s Hideaway will be highly anticipated and he promises this will be his “best performance yet”

Indigenous Peoples

Indigenous Peoples is a live 6 piece hip-hop / jazz funk band that consists of guitar, bass, drums, keys, turntables / percussion and 2 MC's. Indigenous Peoples are based out of Boulder, Colorado. Their musical roots vary from Hip Hop, jazz, rock, electronica, fusion. This project is based around the live performances and the energy that is generated with the audience. Indigenous Peoples will be releasing their first full length album in the summer of '12.

Mista Poedic

Raised in the streets of Denver, Colorado, underprivileged and the product of a single mother, Mista Poedic (born Aaron J. Kriegshauser 06-09-1983) is no stranger to the struggle. This up and coming lyricist has incorporated this deeply into his true to the street, no nonsense approach to his music. His meticulous nature and a hunger for perfection has produced one of the most complex rhyme styles on the scene today. A natural charisma and stage presence has earned him spots at countless Denver venues and the respect of numerous local artists and fans.

Mista Poedic's debut album: "The Said-Ative" is scheduled for release in mid 2009. Promotion is well underway, including numerous live shows, appearances at magazine release events, spots on internet radio and performances at MMA title fights. You can preview the album on many local mixtapes, including Hypnautic's "Colorado Dope" (volumes 1-3).

Mista Poedic is lead rapper, label executive and the foundation of an on the rise, Denver based Hip-Hop camp known as 8th ElemEnt.. Most of the members have known each other for many years, some since childhood, and have come together in the common pursuit of pressing "reset" in the rap industry, and bringing it back to the foundation of artistry over imitation.

Dubbed by Candyman, the original bootknocker, as: "an artist destined to blow Colorado up", Mista Poedic definitely has demonstrated an impressive grind and heart to match. Keep this artist on your radar, as many good things are to come.

You can catch Mista Poedic performances weekly, in relatively every corner of the Denver Metro Area.

Big Loon

Yung Menace

am the Rapper known as Mr I'm Live Aka Yung Menace I am a Colorado native but i have had a nomadic childhood moving often to low budget housing units and ext. I know my dad but he was never really there and had multiple children with a number of different women. my mother was there and did her best to raise three boys by herself with little help. By middle school i had been to a number of schools, So naturally I turned into a rebal child not really knowing how to get money i did what any other person in my position would do, I improvised. With some homies i went to the block there i learned the hustle and the grind, the fast track was open and i had to get some for me and my family i have been inside the life for 14+ yrs and now have two little daughters to look after, so i have changed my life,No longer into that path of destruction, Music has been a way to share my life experiences as well as express the way I feel which is quite similar to most that listen so it is easy to relate, I am known from the Mile High to the ATL to absolutely rip the mic with a very explosive style that usually catches fans by surprise! YUNG Menace is also known to blow away any competition on with his very high energy performances!Thru My Music I plan on hitting the world with undying energy!

Anxious is a prolific MC who writes songs, freestyles and battle raps. He has shared the stage with MOBB DEEP, The ALCHEMIST, the FLOBOTS and many more. He has performed at the BOULDER THEATER, THE OGDEN THEATER, CLUB AVALON IN MANHATTAN NYC as well as many other venues.

His fan base ranges all across the U.S. and his style is unique and attractive to all different kinds of people. He is extremely talented and his music is incredibly impressive... ANXIOUS BABY!!

Fresh Breath Committee

Fresh Breath Committee; music imbued with a classic feel and brimming with fluid grooves and compelling beats. Featuring a stable of stellar MCs who could easily turn heads on their own, the group manages to shine individually without stepping all over one another. Lyrically, the Committee has substance; whether they're grappling with matters of the heart or simply reflecting on life, the wordplay is always thoughtful. And the hooks, propped up by the soul-kissed pipes of Crystal, make the platter even more memorable. Fresh Breath Committee is a Denver hip-hop group driven to create substantial music.

There are eight members in the group: Flawless (MC/Singer/Producer), Purpose (MC/Singer), Fo Chief (MC), Kontrast (MC), Catch Lungs (MC), Crystal (Female Singer), Hi-Res (Producer) and DJ Skip Ripkin. They share a bond between all of them that is fueled by respect. Each with a passion for music and an enthusiasm to create music that is different from the norm.

The ideology behind their debut album, CPR, is that hip-hop is not dead, but its heartbeat is faint. Fresh Breath Committee is here to revive the music. The Committee is here to force life back into the hip-hop culture by putting out an album that tells a story. The goal is to be heard. Fresh Breath Committee has been touring the state of Colorado for over a year now. It is a Denver grown group that wants to put Colorado on the map of hip-hop so that Colorado can be known for intelligent music with a vision.

DJ Stretch

B-Boy - DJ - Turntablist - Party Rocker - Scratch Magician

$20.00 - $180.00


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