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I Am The Third

I AM THE THIRD is a Rock & Soul band based in Bushwick Brooklyn. They bring together an eclectic group of musicians to create a classic yet unique sound that merges classic soul and rock music with a contemporary sensibility. Alec Stephens III started the project in 2010 and met most of his band mates in the heart of the Bushwick music scene through Potion Collective, a music and arts collective that has over 700 active members. The band released a 7 track EP called 'Kill The Kittens' in 2012, and is currently recording new material. I AM THE THIRD puts on a powerful live performance and have been playing all over Manhattan, Brooklyn, Connecticut and New Jersey for the past several years.

"The city can get you down sometimes, but fortunately, it also offers an abundance of music that can serve as an antidote to its poison. Alec Stephens III, who goes by I Am The Third, composes what he calls “dream rock,” music to listen to while you’re chasing your aspirations in the concrete jungle. On the self-titled EP, Stephens’ inspirational music draws from soul, gospel, roots rock and hip hop that mingle to lift spirits during those inevitable rough patches. At times, he evokes contemporaries like Jason Mraz and Dispatch but brings it back old school with references to Marvin Gaye and Curtis Mayfield. His exuberance is contagious, and before you know it, you’ll be singing your cares away with him."
- Nancy Chow, The Deli (NYC) , Issue #28, Fall/CMJ 2011 (Oct 13, 2011)

Cherry Tree

The musical fidelity of Cherry Tree is an intriguing, retrospecting, and robust blend of sound. With influences of Thin Lizzy, Led Zeppelin, The Strokes, Queen, Tom Petty, and Black Sabbath, they have a unique outlook on the past, present, and future of the music industry. They've decided to speed the hard rock tempo of the Seventies and place more interesting progressions into the songs. The singing style of Warner is similar to Jim Morrison and Phil Lynott shaking hands with Julian Casablancas and teaching each other their best tricks. Conlon slaps the faces of every modern guitarist in the 'pop' culture since the 2000s and tosses effortlessly fast-striking solos at their feet, waiting for them to beg for more. The thunder of Asi's drum beats the remaining heart of rock and roll.Their vision of the modern era of popular music is that there is a lacking balance between creative enlightenment and clever punches. The world of music has been dormant; it is time to re-kindle that dangerous fire.

Midnight Mosaic

What is Midnight Mosaic? Most will think we're just a band and our goals align exactly with that. However, if you scratch deeper a bit past the surface, we are the remnants of collective tears from angels and devils. Harrisyn Hartt, A.t. Hunte, Trent Carter, Gil T. Brown, Animal Jones (AJ) and Be Reddy - this is our line up, this is our assault force. Everyone speaks about musical influences and I ...will do the same - All music influences us! I know it sounds a bit silly just to say
everything influences... but it's true. For example, Pink Floyd, Van Halen, Incubus, Michael Jackson, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Prince, and The Talking Heads just to name a few of many.

Our sound has the good time rock feel of Van Halen, lays down the funk like the RHCP, has the melody of Incubus, kicks in the dance appeal of Michael Jackson, and adds in the soul of James Brown. Simply defined Midnight Mosaic plays Rock 'n' Soul; indeed, our music is guaranteed to give its listeners aural satisfaction.

A.t. Hunte the Godson of Rock 'n' Soul tears up the lead vocals
Harrisyn Hartt melodically rocks the keys
Trent Carter energizes with guitars and backing vocals
Gil T. Brown drives the rhythm with the bass
Animal Jones (AJ) spices up the night with drums
Be Reddy croons with guitars and backing vocals
Midnight Mosaic has been hitting the music scene since early 2011 and over the course of that time has played over 50 shows, released our first single, EP, and live recordings. Have traveled and played in venues across New Jersey, New
York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia.

We are Midnight Mosaic and we are NJ's next giant!

Communication Corporation

The Communication Corporation is a musical organisation providing the common American with uncontrollable movements in the pants/skirt area. As a business, they have successfully harnessed the power of a distorted keytar, bass and drums to combine them into a devastating sonic dance party machine. Based on other business models such as The Talking Heads, Gogol Bordello, Beck, and Muse, The Communication Corporation write finely crafted synth rock about love, war, politics and shaking it to the left and right.

Modiri is an Indie Rock/Psych Pop band that was founded in Brooklyn, NY when guitarist/songwriter Ramsey Modiri, Sound Manipulator/sax player Martin Seiler and bassist Dan Makowski moved to the McKibbin lofts. Ramsey had some old songs that he wrote and decided to jam on them with his friends. The rest is history...

The ACB's

"Anyway the bottom line is that the acb's are interested in kicking out the kind of jams that you can enjoy on a physical as well as cerebral level. Melody, harmony, rocking and rolling—music with emotion that compels you to dance in maybe even not such a cool way. The opposite of all that robotic new wave bullshit that's finally starting to pass.

A flower child born in the wrong era, Ria Boss is a Ghanaian-Burkinabe singer songwriter, living in New York City and laying poetry on the strum of the acoustic guitar.


Finding out who a person is, is a task that is left to those who truly want to delve deep – exploring realms of a mind that one might not necessarily enjoy traveling through. So how can the words on the page truly encompass who I am, without you taking the time to float in my being? The music speaks for itself, yet pleasantries are pleasantries.


She prayed through the Virgin Mary and her daughter was born – November 24th 1989- premature, (although you'd never guess that now) – In a quaint little hospital in London. She named her Maria Emmanuelle Grace Bossman-Damiba, a thank you – Hail Mary full of grace. She sent news of her arrival, "A star is born", on the invites to the christening – heavy words for a child days old.


From Europe to Central Africa, Gabon became their new home - Shout out to all bilingual folks out there – home by the water, the memories taste like salt. Where's Dad? Here come the issues. Mother and daughter separated, so Mother could get on her grind – teach your kids the value of hard work. So daughter moved.


West Africa. Ghana. Mother country how she loves you - To live with her Grandma for the majority of her formative years, mother to join afterwards. Piano lessons, choir, ballet, tap, you name it, she was in it. Till she was 18, her life revolved around Ghana, around family – self being molded by the situations she was placed in, and sometimes placed herself in. Yet, the music was always a constant. Always the remedy. The two most important women in her life surrounded her with the sounds that would soon be the makings of the musician.


New York. New York. 18 years old and a dream. College was the goal, but her dreams are much bigger than that. No culture shock for this child, her journey to find acceptance was over. Ghana is home, but New York is what her brain was made of. Niche found, voice finally ready to be heard. Weird and wonderful and full of falsettos.


Maria Boss, a Ghanaian-Burkinabe Momma's Girl with hope, with music…with madness. With Etta, Nina, Sade, Masakela, Kuti, Scott, Arie, Hendrix, Lennon, Prince, Whitney, Ocean, Adele. Thanking hiplife, highlife, afrobeats and the djembe. They create the warped nature of the twisted sounds, they create the soul, the melody, the words. Her sound has been compared to the likes of John Legend, Tracy Chapman and Teedra Moses. Singer. Songwriter. Boss.


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