Mike Leslie Band

Formed in Downtown Detroit during the hot and steamy summer of 2012, Mike Leslie Band is undeniably a product of their environment. After scratching the nagging itch to write great songs with awe-inspiring performance, Mike Leslie landed upon Mike Parrott on bass and Mike Swain on drums. After playing in several local Detroit bands and finally performing together by chance, they developed an instant chemistry through jamming an eclectic mix of cover songs.

MLB offers an eclectic twist on pop music while delivering hook after hook of spine chilling melodies and hauntingly relatable lyrics. Picture a small corner in heaven that includes Hendrix, Cobain, Lennon, Cash, Morrison, and Nietsche, each nursing a fine adult beverage. Mike Leslie provides vocals and guitar that would make even the coldest heart remember "feeling". Mike Parrott adds to the groove on bass and soul-refreshing vocals. Mike Swain completes the mix with drums, percussion, and production skills that give the songs their shimmering quality. They have the songwriting of The Beatles, the primal energy of Nirvana, and the everlasting soul of Sam Cooke . Their live display is a three ring circus of harmony, complete with a balancing act of surprises that always leaves the audience aching for more. Throw this all into the mix and you have the mysticism of Mike Leslie Band.


“Rock in its truest sense, those who blindly call themselves fans of anything that graces the radio as such will truly delight in this record, as its musicianship is spot on and it’s lyrics are ubiquitously felt.” -Real Detroit Weekly

The Infatuations

The Infatuations is a Detroit band, but give them a good listen and the chances are that you won’t need to be told that because these guys take everything that’s awesome about Motor City music, throw it in a big old pot and stir. The results are undeniably spectacular.

Put simply, the Infatuations is a high-energy soul-driven-rock band, but that definition doesn’t really do them justice. The Inf
atuations makes you want to dance. No, scrub that. The Infatuations makes you need to dance. These guys combine the pop-suss of Motown soul, the sheer in-your-face bravado of Parliament Funkadelic, and the raw, untamed energy of Detroit rock ’n’ roll. The Infatuations force you to get up on your feet and move.

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