Jaill is a lot like other bands; they've slept on your floor, you've made fun of their pillow cases, they're not nearly as good at Excitebike as they said they were and although they all say they're cool with cats, no one's excited about sleeping at the cat house. So it should come as no surprise that, as bands sometimes do, they've made a new record. And that record is Traps, their second for Sub Pop, but first to adopt the bold new marketing strategy of giving away a free pair of Nike cross-trainers to anyone who steals it on the internet. Take that, Radiohead. So, but, what is Traps? And what about it can best fill five paragraphs? Traps is pretty, it's moody, it pops. It has the scrappy, vengeful enthusiasm of a puppy stuck under a blanket. It's an adorably grumpy bear just awoken from his long winter's slumber, with a mangy heart rarely found outside of the stuffed animal bin of a Salvation Army. It's an album that expects to be taken seriously goddammit, even though it just puked on the bar.

For The Colony

For The Colony was formed in Feb. 2009 when the critically acclaimed St. Louis musician/lyricist Cameron "Novackaine" met fellow musicians through Craigslist. Now, Two years later, Cameron has kept the colony alive with much new material and a stellar new lineup. As the only original member and primary songwriter of FTC, Cameron needed a team to match his skills. Each new member has added a new dynamic to the futuristically soulfull sound of FTC, without compromising Novackaine's vision of the colony. R U For The Colony? If you represent the altruistic nature of man, and if you support your fellow artists in St. Louis and all over the world, then YOU too are For The Colony.

The Grafted

$8.00 - $10.00


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