He's a little bit country, and he's a little bit Rock and Roll: With kenny Bob Davis and Pete george

He's a little bit country, and he's a little bit Rock and Roll: With kenny Bob Davis and Pete george

Kenny Bob Davis

Kenny started his career in show business as a folk-singer in the mid-sixties. It was within this atmosphere that he developed his heightened sense of audience rapport and interplay. Kenny found that his quick wit and country charm were magic ingredients that could turn any audience into a group of friends. His act blossomed into a professional presentation of comedy, music and FUN! Kenny sang, played guitar and banjo, and shared many of his real life zany characters with his audience: the zaniest being, himself.

Kenny is a natural showman and feels more at home on stage than anywhere else. He has never had a bad review. Again and again the critics have agreed on Kenny’s unique talents and his magnetic personality. They always comment on his gentle, confident stage presence and his seemingly inexhaustible flow of original comedy material. More important to Kenny is the response he receives from the people that come to see him work. They give him applause, standing ovations, and much more. They give him love.

Kenny was raised in Burbank, California and played with his group to packed houses all over Southern California for years. He made any room he worked his own and developed a enduring relationship with many fans who came back again and again. Kenny has also performed many times at Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, and Magic Mountain.

A far cry from Disneyland, Las Vegas became a second home. He was rebooked for years with his group and as a solo performer at the Stardust, the Riviera, the Frontier, and the Sahara. In addition, Kenny became a top local favorite in Lake Tahoe, at Harrah’s and Harvey's.

Kenny’s true second home is Dallas Texas where he is known as an Honorary Texas Native. He was awarded a Texas state flag that had flown over the Capital of Texas, a great honor. Kenny performed and recorded his second live album at The Railhead. For over nine years he filled the 300-seat nightclub and always left them wanting more.

In 1978, thanks to Eddie Rabbitt, Kenny started a new phase of his career by becoming an opening act comedian at the Montana State Fair. Since that time he has opened in concert for numerous top country acts such as Larry Gatlin, Willie Nelson, Vince Gill, Alabama, and Kenny Rogers. His biggest personal thrill, was opening for Mr. George Burns in Concert in 1988. Since then, Kenny has headlined all over the U.S. as a Stand-Up Comedian and entertainer for corporate events.

Kenny’s relationship with Larry Gatlin and their common love of golf turned Kenny Davis into Kenny Bob Davis The Golf Comic, as he is now referred to in golfing circles. He has performed at or been involved in over 250 Charity and PGA Golf events since 1978. (Thank You, Larry Bob, for the second love of my career.)

1978 also marked the beginning of a long and successful acting career. Kenny has been seen in numerous commercials and television series, showcasing his various different characters. His TV acting resume includes Murder She Wrote, MadTV, Sisters, and his Lone Star Beer Commercial won a Clio.

Kenny has also guest-starred on many TV shows as a comedian. (Prime Time Country, John Davidson, Merv Griffin, and the Norm Crosby Comedy Shop) Kenny even found time in a busy schedule to do a feature film for Steven Spielberg film, Gremlins.

With over twenty-eight years of professional performing experience, Kenny is still going strong. His career seems to grow in all directions and he loves every one of them. Kenny Davis is one of the entertainment industry's most valuable resources.

Pete George

When Comedian Pete George begins his stand up act, this quirky, nervous, mild-mannered man with spectacles suddenly becomes a spectacle.

Audiences have never seen anything like an exhaustingly funny Pete George performance. As he pinballs through his act, he leaves them laughing so hard they can barely catch their breath. His stage antics take us on a journey that includes hard hitting jokes, life stories, cartoon voices and even… yes, Rock and Roll. Mark Stuplin at E! Entertainment Television says, “Pete George is Spastically Funny!” and according to Las Vegas booker Kevin Kearney, “Pete George, in a word...Hilarious! He really is the complete comedy package that you simply must see to believe.”

Perhaps this energizer bunny began developing his off-centered and out-of-step approach to life when he was teased as a child, mistakenly labeled learning disabled and placed in special classes. Just minutes into Pete’s act he leads us to believe that maybe it wasn’t a mistake after all.

Pete got his start in show business as a lead guitarist in a Cleveland based 80’s rock group. “We wanted to be like the band A Flock of Seagulls, so we called ourselves A Peck of Peckers.” Discovering that being funny was his calling, Pete ventured into comedy competitions and a quick string of wins set off a 20-year career that has included over 7,000 shows at a multitude of venues and corporate events, touring the world, headlining comedy clubs, cruise ships, colleges, military shows and special events. “One time I even opened for the Australian Male Stripper Show Thunder From Down Under”, George remembers… “I thought it was a seminar on Irritable Bowel Syndrome.”

No slouch as an actor, Pete has appeared in several major motions pictures, including The Shawshank Redemption and The Majestic as well as appearances on Family Law, Strong Medicine, Night Shift, Comedy at Club 54, Now That’s Comedy and several national commercials.

Music is an integral part of George’s act and he is an accomplished musician. He likes to call himself the “Rock Star of Comedy” but one look at him and we see that he’s anything but…. Stay tuned for an upcoming television show in development based on Pete’s crazy life and be sure to catch his hilarious comedy CD, Comedy You Can Dance To.



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