From the first note played, it was inevitable that this foursome would shake the foundation of the New Orleans underground scene.
With a total disregard for paper made genres, labels and styles, they are able to accommodate the Psychedelic Soul Rock inspiration and the Love of the timeless: Hendrix, Parliament, James Brown, The Doors and Curtis Mayfield… and the Total Sound Abyss that made them want to pick up their instruments in the first place… Jane’s Addiction, RATM, RHCP and many others… Fronted by the charismatic Bobby Franklin, whose rough voice, anti-poetic lyrics and wild stage antics redefine the notion of front-man-ship.
On Guitar is the Portuguese-born, England-raised Orlando da Silva, whose eclectic style and psychedelic leads gives the sound its edge.
The xDefinition sound is fired up by the Panama native: Andres “Panama” Romero who on Drums lays down the essential dynamic canvas and triggers the dynamite explosions that set this band apart.
This colorful fusion of sound and smell is pocketed by the funky, solid but never simplistic, New Orleans born Brandon Howard.
An xDefinition live show will take you from the deepest, muddiest root grooves to complete chaos.

Bujie and the Highrise

Download our songs for FREE @ http://bujieandthehighrise.bandcamp.com/

Bujie and the Highrise is a new extension into the world of modern day reggae influenced music. Mixing classic Dub reggae, Roots reggae, ska, hip hop and Progressive Rock, Bujie and the Highrise brings together an audial and visual effort to absorb your soul, body, and spirit into a circle of unity among all people. We promote a positive atmosphere along with our music. We have just released our first Full-Length Album available for free to download, and you can also purchase a hard copy.

Band Interests
Psychological discussions
World issues
Sound Engineering
Song composition
Making sounds out of weird stuff
Mike Chavez

Artists We Also Like
Mr. Bungle, Slightly Stoopid, Primus, RHCP, CCR, The Memorials, Streetlight Manifesto, Pantera, Snarky Puppy

Pulp Deception

Pulp Deception is a band put together with the pieces of individuals who each have their own story to tell. We have starved for our craft. We have sacrificed time and energy for this passion. The music we play will always have two values. It will be something to get caught up in. It will be a story for you follow. There will be history behind every piece.
We can be stand in's or we can be the headliners. We recognize the value of a quality performance and we deliver. The size of the crowd or notoriety of the show is the lowest priority. We take pride in our music and vow to constantly evolve in skill and entertainment. Further more, we recognize the significant impact of a satisfied fan base. We will provide opportunities for fans to get involved in all aspects, from promos to the backstage. Every listener is appreciated and every dollar earned.
Band Interests
Biking. Long Boarding. Sociology. Economics. Political Science. Cross Country. Fitness. Cars. Football. Olympics. Archery. Salad. Community Service. Constant innovation. Relentless marketing. Shameless plugging. Entertainment. Tumblr. Twitter. Reverbnation
Artists We Also Like
Ratatat. Blink-182.Green Day. Iron Maiden. Jay-Z. Johnny Scetch and the Dirty Notes

$5.00 - $8.00


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