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Tattooed Strings

Tattooed Strings has a true appreciation of how music can make the world a better place. Giving light to and combining the vast roots of our musical influences, we strive to give a unique reflection and chronicle of high energy American music at its best...soul gelling instrumentation and lyrical picture painting, we are Tattooed Strings!!!!


Align is a four piece band that started March 11, 2012, and like many, they began in the basement with some guitars, drums, and microphones. Even in an age where it seems computers are dominating the music scene, Align has kept that rugged and heavy sound just the way you need it, raw. With influences such as Chevelle, Incubus, and Thrice, Align blends grooving melodies with heavy rocking rhythms to give you really jamming music. Bringing the heavy and tamed beats, Michael Fognani lays down the critical drum rhythms in this musical collaboration. Smoothly and seamlessly weaved through the articulated beats, the grooving bass ballads of Wes "The Dubs" Rhan thunder true. Every backbone needs a spinal cord, and the warm electric pulse of kinetic melody for Align is driven through Jason Brogly's ringing steel strings. Echoing throughout all of the dynamic melodies and punctual beats of the band, you hear the voice of Wes Ensign ringing through, singing, shouting, screaming, stressing and stretching every word for you to hear.

Altogether, this is a band that is all about the music, and creating something positive from it. More than just words and melodies, something is actually alive within this music, and its sole purpose is to help you Align.


Princess is a band of brothers and friends. They come together as a unit to play good, old fashion rock and roll with a dark side. There music is cultivated from that which meant to be hidden; a box of secrets filled with all their personal experiences and maybe that evil clown that haunted a childhood.

Lead singer and guitarist Jacob Warner believes good music transcends genre. Not a classically trained musician, Jacob pulls his inspiration from many great musicians like Love and Rockets, U2 and Depeche Mode. “They have become fast friends,” he says of his band mates, “I am proud to make music with them.”

C3 brings an extended range bass to the mix. His 9 string is tuned down to a low F#. His showmanship doesn’t end there. When not worshiping at the alter of Tony Levin, he finds influences from Geddy Lee of Rush and Chris Squire of Yes. C3 may certainly show up in a cape. He will melt your face in a way Nickleback never could. “I consider them my family,” C3 says about the members of Princess, “They keep me in check and I cannot imagine my life without them.”

With eclectic historical and modern musical roots from all around the world, Dray is likely to be listening to Robert Johnson delta blues master, Swedish experimental metal Meshuggah, Ravi Shankar, or the French heavy metal band Gojira, or classical icon Richard Wagner. Dray drives the beats of Princess. “Someday, I would love for us to play Red Rocks, but playing a few times a month builds up anticipation and seems to be a little more special.” Dray says about Princess’s future.

The music that comes is birthed very organically. With C3 and Dray developing the core riffs and rhythms, Jacob and Dray converge with meaningful words. The trio fine tune the songs until your orgasmic response is, “Holy Crap. Where did that come from?”

Princess isn’t a band you will find in a dance off. They are more likely to be the ones starting the mosh pit, kicking the shit out of their challengers. Princess are more likely to be driving the caravan straight in to the heart of the universe at 66,700 mph on a low rumbling Harley, a clown car, and a special sized school bus… while Jacob wears a tiara.


Getting its start in 2007 in the basement of one of its members (as most bands do), SocialFuse is now a regular part of the Denver Music scene. Coming from diverse backgrounds,, each member brings similar influences, but by the same token are also very different, bringing a special flavor to the band and our music. Many people, after hearing a SocialFuse show for the first time, describe our sound as beingan “in your face,” high energy, guitar driven rock with hints of pop in both melodies and harmonies.

Front man Bret Harmon joined SocialFuse in the spring of 2012. Influenced by the likes of Geoff Tate and Aaron Lewis, “passionate” is a word that is often used to describe his unique stage presence. Bret has been singing since he or any member of his family can remember, making his public debut at the tender age of six. Since then, Bret has performed worldwide, with well over 600 shows to his credit—not to mention a few karaoke ventures along the way. He has shared the stage with bands such as Sevendust, Nonpoint, Flyleaf and most recently, 12 Stones. Rumor is he even did some time on the Jagermeister tour, and made an appearance at OzzFest.

The guitarist for SocialFuse, Rob Ingram, started playing shows while attending high school in NYC in a band called Crimson Tide, with drummer Ivan DePrume of White Zombie fame. He went on to play with various bands such as Nightfall, Force of Habit, Rush Hour Saints and has been playing with SocialFuse since 2007. Rob has been influenced by, everything from the local bands he heard growing up in New York City at clubs like CBGBs, The Cat Club and L'amours, featuring bands such as DRI, Bad Brains, and S.O.D., to The Ramones and Anthrax and bigger name acts, such as Kiss, Van Halen, Metallica and Ozzy.

Better known as Teddy C, Ted Clarke spent the first part of his professional career touring with United Showcase International. This group toured the USA with the "Just Say No" corporation. After three years touring, he signed with Inferno Records, and then recorded and toured for two more years. After settling in Austin TX, he did studio work for Judy Bess, Spiritdome, producer Rich Mouzer and the band Rising Sign. Recently he completed drum tracks for an upcoming TV show, working out of Beyond Sound studios.

Just minding his own business, Chris Tinker was leading a musical mercenary life, when the opportunity to sit in with SocialFuse arose. He had subbed in the band before, and the opportunity to see the guys again was something he jumped at. After a few run-throughs of material old and new, something was different. He wanted to be a part of this new version of the band. He's now looking forward to being along for the ride while this incarnation of the band stretches the boundaries of what it’s capable of.


Buck25 is a solid, high octane post grunge 4-peace original rock band from Aurora Colorado. The band has been featured on countless websites, local and internet radio play, TV appearances and opening for national acts. Buck25 consistently delivers and has been recently placed in the Top 5 Denver bands to watch for from CBS4. Their energetic and thick melodic performance personifies this up and coming band. Getting Buck'd never sounded so good! Buck25 has a full professional PA system for indoor or outdoor use. Road ready for outdoor festivals, charity events and more. BUCK25 HAS PERFORMED LOCALLY AT: THE HARD ROCK CAFE, THE HISTORIC GOTHIC THEATER, THE PEOPLES FAIR , HERMAN'S HIDEAWAY, BUFFALO ROSE, ECK'S SALOON, THE ORIENTAL,THE TOAD TAVERN and many more...

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