Pigeons was formed in the summer of 2011 after the passing of a friend inspired lead singer Joe Ruff and drummer, Nick Kile to come together and create music that told stories about human experience.

A little over a year later, after the addition of bassist, Marc Mace and guitarist, Tyler Boland, the band recorded "The Helpless and The Hopeless EP" and began playing all around Central Jersey. Their first EP is a collection of 6 songs about the difficulties of faith, love and the endless battles fought against the forces of apathy.

With a rich blend of folk harmonies and ripping guitar solos, Pigeons pulls no punches in their efforts to write songs that matter--songs that tell stories and songs that make you feel something.

George Andresen


It's the sound of a bar fight breaking out at a revival tent. No, wait - it's the sound of a revival breaking out during a bar fight. Whatever it is, Brooklyn based rocknrollers THE BROTHER K MELEE want to make damn sure you hear it.

Or maybe it's both sounds wrestling for dominance. To be sure, my head plays host to a riot of reverberations - bootleg gospel's jagged ecstasies, The White Stripes' raw firepower, early Radiohead's literate paranoia of early Radiohead, That Group From Liverpool's unabashed melody. But nostalgia doesn't stay loud for long, so these ghosts of rocknroll past usually end up parading through my hyperactive imagination, which tends to spit out anthems for dead saints, evil billionaires, tiger mothers, and slowboats to the Apocalypse. And occasionally love. You can hear all these elements at our shows in the Brooklyn/lower NYC area, and on our new release, SEEK ASSEMBLY, out July 1.

I know, I (frontman/songwriter Lucas Kwong) just switched to first person. Who's ever been to a grammatically correct melee? Hooks, howls, heartache.



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