Thomas Nicholas Band

The Thomas Nicholas Band has got a lot to say on their second album, Heroes Are Human. In fact, Thomas pens songs about all kinds of revolutions—from personal and emotional revelations to perspectives changing on a mass scale. However, the riff is just as mighty as the word for Thomas, and there's no shortage of infectious, soulful rock on the new album. This album stands out as a declaration for the Thomas Nicholas Band, so listen up…

Bottle of Justus

Chris and Joe Quinlan grew up in small Midwestern town far away from big city lights. They wrote songs for their mother Barbara Jean who had the sense to expose them to the Beatles as children. The brothers Quinlan split for college along with Justus Woolever at the age of 18 and befriended Erik Bogdonas and Jeff Johnson who play drums and bass respectively. They embarked on a musical morph from party band to recording artists and quickly became known as Bottle of Justus.
"BOJ" release a few CDs and tour around the country playing in front of lots of people. They know they are on the right track when Wesley Willis records a song about them whipping a Llama's ass.
Bottle of Justus churn our heartfelt original music fueled by the toil of twin brothers with an unbridled independent spirit. They will come to your town and grind out a show to remember, drink all your beer and share the deli tray with the crowd. BOJ care not about the how many brown M&M's are in the bowl backstage. They will however, bring the backstage back to the hotel with the latest afternoon checkout in your town.
God forbid they find your home first.
BOJ continues to pull off the great Rock and Roll swindle by doing it all themselves and answering to nobody. They'll even tell you a story or two. So make sure to ask them about being strapped in Iowa City with Evan Dando. - Joe Chrisman



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