Appetite For Destruction, POISON'D & RED, WHITE & CRUE (Poison & Motley Crue Tributes)

Appetite For Destruction

APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION- The Ultimate Tribute To Guns N' Roses!Vinyl and to give those who still haven't seen them a chance to see what a KILLER GnR show they put on!!!

Dateline- Anytown,USA. Time-4:30 am. We find our heroes back at any random hotel in any random city -they all run together for a group of entertainers that average 200 shows and 60,000 miles a year on the road.

Notquiteaxl has disappeared -in true GNR fashion. Notquiteduff and Notquiteslash are nursing a bottle of Jager in preparation for the next day's hangover. Notquiteizzy riffs out on the hotel room couch to Notquiteadler's drum patterns played on phonebooks and cityguides.

Appetite For Destruction, the ultimate tribute to Guns N’ Roses, has lived this lifestyle since its inception in 2000. The current incarnation of the band (together since 2006) is still based around Chad Atkins' amazing voice. AFD travels the country delivering the most authentic tribute to Guns N’ Roses, circa 1987-1993, most will ever see.

Material is drawn from Appetite for Destruction through Use Your Illusion 1 and 2, including Lies, and The Spaghetti Incident? with stage banter derived from a variety of live shows and videos. Appetite For Destruction plays all the favorites – Sweet Child o’ Mine, Paradise City, Patience and many, many more.

In venues large and small, Appetite For Destruction has played to rave reviews for aural and visual authenticity. And they will continue until they have brought their rock and roll circus to every corner of the United States.

POISON'D & RED, WHITE & CRUE (Poison & Motley Crue Tributes)

Captain Green

Captain Green was formed in January of 2010 to bring a high-energy mix of Funk, Jazz, and Fusion to the music scene. Playing predominately in Louisiana, Captain Green performs original music including the songs from their first release "Everywhere is Where It's At". The band also frequents festivals, private parties, and fundraisers.

With a combined experience of 85 years playing music, including college degrees in Music Performance; Captain Green is anything but your normal band.



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