A Tribute To Jon Savko

37 Slurp

37 Slurp consisted mainly of drugs, alcohol, underage girls, partial nudity, and mocking washed up actors, sports icons, and musicians. During their three years of existence they could've been found spreading their craptacular brand of punk rock through out the tri-state area by way of a 1990 Buquick Century.


Four friends who liked to have fun and play some music once in a while. We played many shows over many years for a ton of great people.

No Risk

These Jersey Boys know how to add the Punk to Rock. This CD is lyricaly a very well thought out and has well rounded reflection of the Punk scene. It includes political statements towards the government, the punk "scene", religion, and everyday life. No Risk is one of those bands that doesn't fit a particular sub-genre of punk, they are just a Punk Band. On "The Great Demise" each songs seems to have a slightly different sound. The quality of the CD's sound is excellent and hard to believe it is a DIY production. PunkRockReview.org- Band Review

Knuckle Sandwich

Knuckle Sandwich is a punk rock band from Hunterdon County, New Jersey. The band has been around since 1989 with line up changes over the years.



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