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Manufactured Superstars

You're not dreaming. This is real. The club you're in feels as though the entire building is the VIP area, not just because of the lingerie models wearing black nerd-glasses piling over you to reach another bottle of bubbly, or the gyrating wall-to-wall moshpit that‟s the dancefloor. Tonight feels special because the DJs – the engine of the party – are rockin‟ it like you‟ve never imagined. Oh, and they‟re wearing matching NASA spacesuits and there‟s a six-foot-tall teddy bear onstage hyping the crowd like a maniacal MC. The DJs are MANUFACTURED SUPERSTARS, and tonight is every night. MANUFACTURED SUPERSTARS are BRADLEY ROULIER and SHAWN SABO.

As DJs, their performance style is as high-energy, accessible and fun as it is technically challenging. Although their DJ performances have been described as "mash-up" or "open-format" by many in the music press, what they really do is create a non-stop tornado of happiness when they spin. This can be evidenced by the countless smiling faces in their crowds and the consistently sold-out shows.

As owner of Denver‟s esteemed Beta Nightclub, ROULIER also understands venue operations better than most DJs who‟ve never needed to worry about profit-and-loss statements. Whether they are DJing the mainstage at outdoor festivals (i.e. Identity Festival, Nocturnal Wonderland, Ultra Music Festival, Electric Daisy Carnival, the Beatport Pool Party during WMC/Miami Music Week, Red Rocks/Global Dance Festival, Lief Festival) or playing the world‟s best superclubs (i.e. XS Club in Las Vegas; LAVO, Pacha and Greenhouse in New York; Fluxx and Voyeur in San Diego, Playhouse in Los Angeles), when MANUFACTURED SUPERSTARS take the stage, the party has officially begun.

The MANUFACTURED SUPERSTARS have long been technologically savvy, and technology coexists organically in their everyday lives. ROULIER is a co-founder and founding member of leading digital music retailer, BEATPORT.COM. SABO was an original employee of BEATPORT and he remains a member.

Formed in 2006, the MANUFACTURED SUPERSTARS cut their teeth in the American club scene of the late-„90‟s. Previous pseudonyms included "B-Rad" for ROULIER and "DJ Sabotage" for SABO, monikers they no longer use. Both are experienced producers; ROULIER was also a leading club promoter in Colorado, and SABO traveled the U.S. as a popular drum-and-bass DJ with more than 20 commercial vinyl drum-and-bass releases to his name. Today as MANUFACTURED SUPERSTARS, they hold down vital club residencies at prime spots including XS Club at The Wynn in Las Vegas and Beta Nightclub in Denver. It‟s not unusual to hear the pair blaze through 100 or more tunes in the span of a two-hour DJ set, and those sets often traverse from mainstream pop to underground prog-house to urban-infused electro and beyond. The duo is ever expanding their radio mixshows and podcasts, and their thrilling club mixes can be heard on top terrestrial, satellite and webradio stations around the globe.

Twenty-eleven has been a busy year for the MANUFACTURED SUPERSTARS, and as always, presentation is key. From their costuming to the visuals used in their shows, the moment fans spot the matching NASA spacesuits, music-lovers know the party is on! The cosmos have welcomed the MANUFACTURED SUPERSTARS with open arms, as exemplified by their unprecedented shows at the Kennedy Space Center in Washington DC in 2009, and in 2011 at the private event celebrating the inaugural launch of the Virgin Galactic space port.

The MANUFACTURED SUPERSTARS have received high-octane boosts from within the gaming industry, too, by having their music and avatars featured in the social-networking, geo-based- location video game, BOOYAH‟s „Nightclub City: DJ Rivals.‟ (To date, Nightclub City boasts more than 20 million active users worldwide.) The MANUFACTURED SUPERSTARS inked a recording deal with the venerable Black Hole Recordings, helping to bring the duo to the forefront of the global EDM scene with a steady flow of new releases and critically acclaimed music videos, including the first singles from their forthcoming as-yet-unnamed studio album: "Angry Birds" and "Drummer Drums"; "Take Me Over" featuring Scarlett Quinn (video directed by Christopher Andrews); "Serious" featuring Selina Albright; and "Drunk Text" featuring Lea Luna. Both "Take Me Over" and "Drunk Text" have received immense support at radio, including charting on SIRIUS XM RADIO. An E.P. titled Freak On You (Black Hole) is scheduled for release during Thanksgiving 2011; and the latest single, "Silver Splits The Blue" featuring Christian Burns is slated for a Christmas 2011 release. Plans are also underway for a full-length studio album in 2012, in addition to the duo‟s relentless touring.
Said SABO of MANUFACTURED SUPERSTARS‟ core philosophy, "We just wanna play great tunes and be the funnest DJs out there!"


In a state notorious for renowned party capital New Orleans, LA, Brandon Journet, better known as DJ Digital resides in a place that is considered to some as the crowned jewel of the planet. Louisiana is a unique place in many ways, from it's food & hospitality to it's "anything goes" way of life. In the late 90's into the early millennium, Louisiana was seemingly an underground mecca for electronic music and everything that surrounded it with venues like Kingfish" & State Palace Theater. Respectively, the nightclub & after-hours circuit heavily reflected it with parties that would stretch from any given time on a Saturday night until 3pm the next afternoon. The party scene was heaven. The DJ was God. And the "Original LA" was the place.

Coming out of high school in the summer of 1999 as a mere "bedroom DJ" who's record collection consisted of mediocre to less than desirable selections from local thrift store visits throughout his prep school years Digital was introduced to this thriving nightclub circuit and soon his hobby (and record collection) went from "hobby" to "passion". He would have never guessed that within a year, his plan to embellish upon his audio/video interests by achieving a degree in Mass Comm. at the local university would drastically change.

Fast Forward to a decade later and Digital has rocked crowds from the golden coast all the way down to Miami playing close to 200 nights out of the year. This was no easy task. After making the bold move of becoming a college dropout at the turn of the millennium, he dove right into his establishment as a DJ. Rapidly gaining popularity, he soon began producing numerous remixes and originals alongside his peers.. some of which introduced him to the craft that he would soon call a career. Pressing his work to wax and being featured on many other compilations as well as his own personal mix CD releases allowed Digital to catapult his name and signature sound to music fans and fellow DJs alike from all over the globe. You could make thousands off of a track that took you all of a week to create. Sometimes with the right idea and sample an all nighter would even do the trick. And from the producer popularity the gigs instantly followed. Some producers didn't even have to know much beyond "matching" beats and pressing play. The parties were packed and the promoters were paying big. Peer to Peer sharing was at it's peak, and this was a DJ's best friend because of how fast it allowed people you may have never even met to serve as your own personal promoter with every respective track shared. What no one realized soon enough was that this double edged sword was simultaneously killing record sales as well as the popularity of "dance music" with many DJs and label owners folding to seek other forms of income.

Digital watched as artists and DJs who he once looked up to as idols waived the white flag and gave up on the industry. Luckily, even though electronica was his stronghold, he was very well seasoned and able as a DJ, regardless of the genre. Often this eclectic taste was heard thru his music and when DJs who could "play everything" became the new demand, he slid right into place.

"It is crucial to be able to adapt and adjust as a dj .. because no matter what your scene may be .. tomorrow, your scene won't be your scene anymore."

Digital's surplus of musical knowledge spans through rock, soul, electronica, hip hop, pop & underground, from classics to currents in each respective genre and 10 times out of 9 he's probably got it on wax… in doubles. Being an avid digger Digital sees every new city as an untapped gold mine of used wax and he's probably bought more records AFTER the introduction of Serato than some DJs bought BEFORE it existed. He often jokes that he probably has more music on wax than most DJs have on their hard drives.

His appreciation for creativity and art in any way shape or form has allowed him to network with brands and individuals that directly influence and ultimately inspire him to continue to open up his own creativity to break down walls between genres and introduce new methods and ideas within his sets. A self proclaimed "hustler", he often refers to himself as a "student of the game" which keeps him grounded and constantly working to "never sound the same".

A broad range and appreciation of music is clearly reflected with versatility and high octane delivery. A fusion of precision and advanced skill level seem to come as second nature as he is most comfortable when creating on-the-fly with a combination of turntablism and a "did he just do that" level of improvisation.

Acknowledged and respected as one of the most dedicated working DJ's in his industry, for the past decade Digital has also managed to balance a radio career amidst his hectic schedule touting a Music Director position at Rhythmic Powerhouse Hot 107.9 [KHXT] in Lafayette, LA. With daily and weekend mixshow commitments as well as a full-time afternoon timeslot on the frequency known as "The Hottest Music Station" in his market, Digital is engulfed 24/7 in what he loves most. Music.

Performing with and alongside artists such as N.E.R.D., George Clinton, A-Trak, Jazzy Jeff, Paul Van Dyk, Curren$y, Egyptian Lover, 2 Live Crew, Tittsworth, Lil Wayne, Craze & many more as well as being networked and directly involved with respected brands such as Serato, Politics, Red Bull & others.

Always satisfying and dazzling audiences. Never will you see Dj Digital giving anything less than 100% in front of a crowd. Whether 10 or 10,000, his promise is to leave it all on the tables with each and every set. He has earned genuine respect through his performance and his professionalism. With technicality, personality and undying passion combined his reputation is highly regarded and has also given him the fortunate opportunity to be one of the most sought after DJs in the industry. Forever appreciative that his passion has allowed him to make a living, from venue to venue. No matter the genre; mixing, scratching, and rocking crowds is second nature, and what Digital does best.

With a relentless schedule behind the decks coupled with his radio obligations DJ Digital splits time working and residing between Lafayette & New Orleans, LA.


$10.00 - $30.00


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