Truckstop Honeymoon

There ain't nothing nice about Truckstop Honeymoon. They play banjos and wash tubs. They sing about adultery and oil refineries. It's break-neck breakdowns or heart-break waltzes. Like a Dodge with a burnt out clutch, their music has two speeds and no reverse. Katie Euliss learned guitar, piano and bucket bass in the streets of New Orleans. She scammed enough money from tourists to buy Lucky Strikes and smoked oysters for six years. Then she met Mike West. Part entertainer, part snake oil salesman, Mike lived by pickin' banjo and selling cds that he claimed were a curative for hangovers and small mindedness. Together they began a perpetual tour of North America, Europe and Australia. They spent their wedding night in the Tiger Truck Stop, somewhere between Lafayette and the Atchafalya Swamp. Truckstop Honeymoon was born.

Nobody From Nashville

Nobody from Nashville is a new, up and coming San Francisco Bay Area string band. We all met in the summer of 2011 at a popular bluegrass festival in California where we discovered that once we started jamming together, nobody wanted to stop and the band was born. Full disclosure: none of us is from Nashville, though several of us have visited.

Denise Funari and Melanie DeGiovanni (of Yard Sale/The Verms)

Denise Funari (guitar) has played with several East Bay folk combos and also performs solo. She is a champion gardener and a good gal to have in your corner.

Melanie De Giovanni (accordion) has played in such bands as the Catheads, Donner Party, Harm Farm, Barbara Manning, John Wesley Harding and Mare Winningham. She is also a legal secretary, mother of two, wife, and prize-winning pie baker. Jill Olson (bass) currently plays with Red Meat, was in the Movie Stars, and also played with John Wesley Harding and Mare Winningham. She also has two solo CDs and is working on a third.

$7.00 - $9.00


Advanced Tickets are available online until 5pm on the day of the show and a reserve of tickets are generally available at the door that night, unless posted on the Starry Plough website, Facebook and Twitter pages as sold out.

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