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Daniel Avery

While Daniel Avery may be better known to clubbers around the world for his residency behind the decks at London institution fabric and weekends spent in numerous other clubs in Europe and beyond, his rising craft as a producer is setting him apart. His induction into the prestigious fabriclive mix series provides compelling evidence of this, a dizzying trip that speaks to Avery's skill as both a curator and a creator of some of the most inventive and forward thinking electronic sounds emerging today. Four of Avery's own solo productions - all signed to Phantasy Sound, the label run by "kindred spirit" Erol Alkan - form the basis of the mix, the result of hundreds of hours spent locked in a studio full of analogue equipment. Alongside this, there is "Effect Tweak" the latest result of an ongoing production relationship with Justin Robertson, another of Avery's stated influences. Speaking about his contribution to the series, Dan states:
"It's rare to be able to take such risks in a club as you can in fabric. I love weird records; that original, lawless spirit of acid house where the music is pulsing but will also throw in some mind-bending, psychedelic elements to knock you sideways and make you lose yourself within it. This mix is my take on that idea."

Avery is unique among the current crop: a rising producer embraced by the same icons whose own work inspired him to seek that warm up slot playing ESG and Neu! records in Bournemouth all those years ago. Alkan in particular recognized Avery's passion for sounds originating away from the dancefloor, something that was instrumental in Avery signing for Phantasy, a collective Daniel now regards "very much as home." The critically acclaimed "Need Electric" and "Water Jump" EPs followed, showcasing a depth and progression alluded to in his earlier works for Throne Of Blood, Relish and Tigersushi. Much more music for Phantasy is promised in 2013.
Talk of Avery's emergence cannot gloss over the praise from one of the UK's most respected governors of dance music, Andrew Weatherall, who tipped the rising star for greatness earlier this year. In fact, Avery learnt much of his trade in Weatherall's Shoreditch bunker studio, even as Andrew's lauded sets had become, in his own words, "pretty much an Avery mega-mix." That Weatherall should contribute an exclusive Asphodells track for Avery's fabriclive mix is further proof that the respect between the two is very much mutual.
Now firmly embedded in the Scrutton Street Axis alongside Messrs Fairplay, Fraser and Johnston, Avery is balancing his relentless schedule of DJing, production, and remixes - Django Django, 2 Bears and The Horrors among many others in 2012 - with an attempt to cultivate some motivation for midweek clubbing that's been absent since the days of Nag Nag Nag and Trash. Avery resides over Movement Club, a Thursday night Dalston venture with Clouded Vision honcho Matt Walsh. Unannounced friends of a high calibre feature in small basements, with the intention of drawing a trusting crowd based on the standard of music and setting an atmosphere of their own. Simian Mobile Disco, Trevor Jackson and Ivan Smagghe were among the early guests and a promise of big plans for Movement Club in the future should ensure the night develops on a trajectory similar to Avery's own.


The sound of Nautiluss is subtle but organic, intriguing but heavy. It’s also the creative brainchild of Graham Douglas Bertie. Moving away from the brash sounds of his former band Thunderheist (Big Dada), his desire for exploration has led him to take on a wide range of musical influences. The sound of Nautiluss skillfully navigates between genres; breaking down and bleeding through the boundary lines.

His consistency is demonstrated by his distinct sonic aesthetic, constantly striving for the perfect combination of synthetic and organic textures. Building from his long-time experience performing as a DJ, Nautiluss draws from the bygone eras of music’s past, while still keeping his finger firmly on the pulse of the forward-thinking sounds of the present. A unique synthesis that keeps you guessing, while always delivering a quality sound, reminiscent of the sweat laced warehouses’ of the past.


"Techno is reborn in Washington, DC with PENTAMON's EP release of 'Among The Thugs'"
-- Peanut Butter and Jams

Far from the bright lights at the peak hour of America's epic fixation on electronic dance music exists the deep, dark and powerful new techno sounds of PENTAMON. There's something that develops in the soul of every person truly touched by dance music - the desire to discover deeper, weirder, darker and heavier music – and that makes PENTAMON's tracks a powerful experience, affecting the listener at their emotional core. Blogs and journals like FACT Magazine, Dancing Astronaut and Washington City Paper favor PENTAMON’s debut single “Nite” as it showcases the ominous feeling of sinking into a musical abyss, yet instead of losing one's self, listeners and dancers safely break through to a deeper state of consciousness.

Though his identity remains a mystery, PENTAMON certainly has a gift for engaging and captivating a dance floor - he has over a decade of experience playing sets to hundreds and thousands of revelers. PENTAMON’s professional calling card is his ability to be a humble DJ who doesn't overpower a room with antics, and at the same time sharply executes intellect and respect - not just for those dancing to his sets, but for the history of dance music. Even though PENTAMON has brooding tracks with titles like “Among the Thugs,” his ability to create a vibe with surgical precision and uplift the souls of the listeners brave enough to trust his brand of techno identifies him as a unique talent worthy of praise.

Appreciating the notion that people have just as much desire to explore the night sound tracked by the darkest of grooves as they do to revel in the light, PENTAMON's sound occupies an important space in electronic dance music that is all his own.



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