String Noise

String Noise

Hailed by the New York Times as an “enterprising violin duo” with “lightning fast reflexes and warmly matched sounds,” String Noise is comprised of “two of the most focused and lustrous-toned avant stalwarts” in New York City: Conrad Harris & Pauline Kim Harris. Since 2012, String Noise has premiered noise-guided music for two violins by Eric Lyon, large-scale multimedia work with music by Randy Woolf, and electroacoustic compositions by Canadian sound artist and composer Gordon Monahan. They were highlighted in Performa 2011 in Will Cotton’s first live stage performance, and have also premiered violin duos by Christian Wolff, John Zorn, David Lang, Richard Carrick, Paul Marquardt, Petr Kotik, and many other composers. They have performed at DiMenna Center for Classical Music, ISSUE Project Room, Roulette, The Stone, Firehouse Space, Spectrum, EXAPNO, Rockwood Music Hall, and Bowery Electric.

String Noise can be heard on Elizabeth Hoffman’s “Red Is the Rows,” just released on Perspectives of New Music/Open Space, and on a forthcoming release on Experimental Intermedia featuring a new duo by Phill Niblock. Also forthcoming is Index 0, a 2-LP set including premiere recordings of duos by Elizabeth Adams, Stephanie Huegenin, and Andrew C. Smith, and quartets by Beau Sievers and Jack Callahan.

Gravies & The Main Dish Sauce

Gravies and the Main Dish Sauce is a microwave electro-dance group from Hanover, NH. Gravies has toured the entire US and into Canada, playing rock venues, clubs, basements, garages and even abandoned houses.

Gravies’ live performance is a fun and experimental live electro-disco-house set, combing noisy pitch-shifted vox, live instruments and electronic beats together with by homemade LED color organs, morphing aquatic projections and many many disco balls.

Gravies released a limited edition cassette EP Taste of Your Gravy this past winter and will be releasing a full length LP The Microwave Guide and Cookbook this coming fall.

David Kant

David Kant is a composer interested in music and technology. His work explores the relationship between computational processes and their interpretations. He spends his free time attempting to reconstruct the natural language, searching for the sounds of ancient egypt and performing with Dream Team Ensemble, Happy Valley Band and Gravies and the Main Dish Sauce.

Inspired by David Dunn's work Autonomous and Dynamical Systems, Kant’s Dynamical Synthesis explores iterative systems for audio synthesis across timescales of auditory perception. The work takes interest in the temporal limits of sound perception and the nature of iteration.

The Happy Valley Band

The Happy Valley Band plays computer transcriptions of popular songs. Using machine hearing and automated transcription techniques, the instruments are separated from the original audio recordings, transcribed to music notation and replaced by new performers. The original voice is left in place as American pop icons sing along to microtonal interpretations of their original backing bands.

Interested in the space between computational analysis and its interpretation, The Happy Valley Band explores how machines can help us to understand our own perception. It takes interest in the differences between signal analysis and human information, and raises the question of how to translate between the two.

The result is a strangely idiosyncratic interpretation of familiar music. Our perceptual attention naturally shifts, constantly foregrounding and backgrounding information. The machine transcription is constantly diverging from our perceptual tendencies, losing focus over overfocussing. Allowing these divergences to call attention to themselves, they stand in juxtaposition to our familiar way of hearing the music.

The Happy Valley Band is: Elvis Presley/Patsy Cline/Herb Albert/James Brown/Phil Collins (vocals), Alex Dupuis (guitar), Pauline Kim Harris (violin), David Kant (saxophone and arrangement), Beau Sievers (drums), Andrew C. Smith (keyboards), Thomas Verchot (trumpet), K C M Walker (bass)



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