Captain Driggs, Gowanus, Ariel Bitran

Captain Driggs

A little of this and a little of that. From funk to reggae and Latin to punk, from meaty growls to silky serenades, Captain Driggs produces honest music without boundaries. The thread that holds it all together is the fun and soulful attitude and the undeniable chemistry among these Brooklyn band mates: Matt Domser (Bass), Dan Roehrig (Guitar), Stephen Burd (Vocals, Ukulele), Tesa Arozqueta (Vocals), and Brandon McClaskey (Drums).

Gowanus is an experimental rock quartet that has its origins in the neighborhood surrounding the toxic Brooklyn waterway that shares its name. Using traditional analog instrumentation in combination with digital effects and sampling, the group creates a unique sound that infuses elements of jam-based improvisation, electro-funk and straight up the middle, American rock 'n roll.

Ariel Bitran

Ariel Bitran is a New York City creative who harnesses the powers of dynamic songwriting with witty words, pop hooks, and a good sense of humor. Songs from Koholint Island, Bitran’s thirteen-part contiguous song-series based on the The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, is the story of Link and his quest to wake the Windfish. Most importantly, this progressive-folk epic is an exploration of the protagonist’s emotions as he fights monsters, buys hookers, and questions his own existence within this virtual reality. Bitran’s retelling of the video game is catchy, funny, and delightfully human.

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