Formed around July or August of 2009. The four original members of SinFix included guitar, vocalist, Steve Reed who has since retired (good luck, Stevil). Over the years we have played several prominant gigs, headlining at the Gothic as well as three appearances in battle rounds of KBPI's Best band in Denver Contest. We currently have a 7 song CD and hope to get new music recorded soon. We appreciate all of the fan support that we have had over the past few years and hope to keep rocking with all of you for years to come!

Elusive American melodic metal forerunners CELLADOR have manifested themselves once again, in preparation for transfiguration into its newest POWER METAL incarnation! Originally forged at the helm of guitarist Chris Petersen, CELLADOR was conceived with deliberate intention of bringing the European speed and power metal influence to the USA, where the style is virtually nonexistent and unknown. Upon release of their critically acclaimed album "Enter Deception," Cellador took on to bring its music to the metal masses of North America, having toured alongside the likes of metal titans Trivium, All That Remains, Bullet For My Valentine, Protest The Hero, and many others. Their touring ventures took the band across the USA to Mexico, Canada, and even off to Japan for an appearance at the Loud Park festival. Fast forward to today, where the band has re-emerged after a period of hiatus, into the Colorado metal scene to reignite with a vigor and energy unsurpassed by any previous performance yet! With new music ready, studio time set, the band is ready to begin its next conquest into the North American metal scene and beyond!

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