Psychosomatic, Vicious Circle


From the depths of Sacramento California the crossover thrash metal, punk rock band PSYCHOSOMATIC was twisted into form in 1988 spewing forth chaotic blasts of jackhammer style guitar picking on top of super tight speed drumming with ripping fast bass guitar lines and ferocious vocals spitting out lyrical topics ranging from anti establishment social issues to horror and insanity. The Sacto thrashers barrage listeners with fast, tight, punk style energy songs into the technical darkness of metal. Psychosomatic has carved their trench in the underground thrash metal world with several US tours, leaving blistering eardrums in their wake.
Psychosomatic has four full-length releases to date including 2006's Unquenchable Thirst and 2010's Another Disease along with two video cuts, "Another Disease" and "Everybody Hates Me" featuring guest singer Nickie Sickie from Verbal Abuse. Psychosomatic also has several tracks on various compilations such as, Thrasher Magazine's Skate Rock vol. 9, Cheap Ass Music vol. 1 on Cheap Ass Records, Mechanized Death: A Tribute To The Accused on Transparent Records, Shred or be Shredded on Buried in Hell Records, and Econo-Comp on RecordsOnTap. Psychosomatic has played various fests including San Francisco's Tidal Wave as support for Exodus, Hirax & Attitude Adjustment, and New Jersey Death Fest 4.



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