Free Like Me

Free Like Me defines the era of "Happiness Music" - causing multiple episodes of ecstatic joy, rampages of gratitude, and flare ups of freedom & unity. With high-energy rhythms, powerful unique vocals and meaningful conscious lyrics. They will take you on a journey of "rootsy", acoustic, fun conscious sounds! With unforgettable melodies and high energy Rhythms they will have you singing along, dancing and will leave you smiling and wanting more!

LANZA , (also know as Lanzallamas) is one of our top bands in Miami. This world music masters have taken the Miami sound across the Atlantic all the way to Eastern Europe and also across the USA. Shedding skin one more time, LANZA welcomes an influx of new blood to the stage, firing up a fresh sound and pushing into a new musical land scape. LANZA was founded by Fabi Patino, former front man/drummer for Suenalo and considered by many of his musical peers, a pillar of the Miami new sound. Fabi brings to LANZA a new collection of songs springing from deep inspiration and a natural mastery of melody. The show is fun, interactive and most of all, sincere and artistic; world fusion at its best!

Jessi Leon

Jessi Leon is a young singer songwriter with lots of roads crossed and life experiences accumulated; at her very young age she has already lived in two different countries, Argentina and the US, experiencing in her own skin the meaning of country changes, cultural differences and languages. Jessi is typical byproduct of a bicultural and bilingual generation with all the good and bad that this could be.
​​By being so young, Jessi conveys in all her songs all the social conflicts, all the happiness and sadness that anybody at her young age feels. By means of her songs, Jessi, in a way, invites you to be her accomplice in her life, where the idea of moving from one place to another was always present. That is precisely the name of her first album, ​Mudanza.​
Mudanza was released at the end of 2009 in Argentina and is found in all digital stores worldwide like iTunes Store, Napster, Amazon among others.
Her musical sense, her voice and her lyrics makes her and artist like no other with a natural freshness that is real and perceivable by simply listening to her music.


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