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The Wanton Looks

“Bad-girl harmonies (think Shangri-La’s) meet fuzzed-up guitar and relentless tempos. Sure it’s been done countless times before, but when it’s done well – with fizzy hooks and towering sing-along choruses – who can complain? Greg Kot

The Wanton Looks are a rock-tastic pop-gasm hailing from Chicago, IL. Their music consists of catchy riffs, harmonies, fuzz-tone chords and thumping beats that packs a punch and leaves you begging for more.

Traci Trouble's bass and vocals are electrifying. Her all-out balls-to-the-wall stage presence is fueled by Meg Thomas' animalesque explosion on the drums. Inga Olson wields her guitar like a sharp knife cutting up infectious leads. Their chemistry and passion are exhilarating on stage, and their love of music and dedication to the rock gods of days past is exciting and contagious. They will break your face and your heart.


"If you strip the Hamburglars of their hilarious gimmick, you still have a damn good garage rock band that is easily up to par with any current band of their ilk. Add back in the Hamburglar gimmick though and you have one of the most clever singles to ever come out of that genre since The Mummies. "
- MXV - The Punk Vault

Soma has been playing as a group for quite some time. We just released our first album, self-titled "Soma." Always down for a show, a good time, and good tunes. You can hear some of our songs here on our page and/on on our website. Well, we hope you enjoy your visit here today and are inspired to come see us at future shows.

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