Mouthbreathers, Flesh Panthers, Mac Blackout Band


Mouthbreathers, as it exists today, began in a living room in Lawrence, KS in 2010. The band has recorded and released one tape EP and a subsequent single, and is in the process of finishing their first full length record.

"Dirty and sludgy garage punk from this bunch. A lot of low end in the sound, which I like, and my neighbors don’t. The guitar sound is thick and near-syrupy, though there’s some biting distortion to give it more of an edge. The vocals sound like they’re sung through a bullhorn, usually annoying, but it works here..." –Razorcake

Flesh Panthers


It's like when that staggering schizo passes you on the street and for that second or two when you’re just inches apart, you’re really not sure what he’s gonna do or how you'll react, that's the vibe the Panthers seem to aspire to and obtain—P.C. Jones

Mac Blackout Band


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