Thomas Dunning's Final HOOT NIGHT: Motown vs. Broadway!

Thomas Dunning's Final HOOT NIGHT: Motown vs. Broadway!

In 1996, local scenester Thomas Dunning took over the Hoot Nights from Susan Voelz and Michael Hall after they had brought the tradition with them in the great Austin-to-Chicago Poi migration of 1994. A theme, two surprise cover songs from each act, cross-pollination of artists as often as possible and a whole lot of laughs. Since that time Dunning has shaped the event into a tighter fitting sweater than the cozy industry night it started out as back in '95 and inspired him to produce the world's first Kate Bush tribute album, I WANNA BE KATE: The Songs of Kate Bush and to establish his own vanity record label, Brown Star Records. When Dunning moved to Dublin, Ireland eleven years ago, he set up his Hoot shop and started giving Dublin bands some love, Chicago-style. That bitch blew into town and the indie rock scene there embraced him and the new artistic opportunity immediately - just like they did in Chicago. At least a hundred different bands have played the Hoot Nights. Some acts have gone on to win Grammy's, the Eurovision Song Contest (no shit!) and this year, Delorentos (a Dublin band who's current line up played for the first time together at a Chicago HOOT) went on to win the Meteor Choice Music Prize for album of the year in Ireland! Now, after 18 years of participating in these truly organic, original and magical shows as producer, director, performer, publicist, therapist and/or host - including seven years as Head DJ of Hoot Radio on Dublin's PowerFM - Dunning is calling it a day. Wanting to go out on a high, the Motown vs. Broadway Hoot is just the tonic we're all gonna need as we say goodbye to a beloved gathering of laughter, music and often, sheer joy with a dear friend.

Artists appearing on the night include:

Nora O'Connor
Liam Davis & Steve Frisbie
Smitko and The Masters'
Dag Juhlin
Steve Dawson
Justin Roberts
Joie de Necklines
Zapruder Point
Ingrid Graudins
Phil Angotti
Michael Ross
Tommi Zender
Tom Dunning & Your Boyfriends
Plus surprise ghosts of Hoot Nights past and more!


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