A Life Worth Living

Bullet InC.

Hailing from the suburbs of Denver, Bullet Inc is fast becoming a powerhouse in Denver’s thriving punk/rock scene. No Fake shit here... We don't need matching outfits or make-up to get our point across. Driving beats and clean lyrical genius form the backbone of all of our songs. We finished work on an EP during the summer of ’09 and plan to have a full length CD coming out early 2011!! We strive to make our live shows fun and memorable... Oh, and we're pretty sure we can drink most bands under the table. HA! We were recently voted into the "top 3 best bands in Denver" by 106.7 KBPI and Shawn "Clown" Crahan of Slipknot. Not bad for the first time around. Influences include: Metallica, NOFX, Pantera, Johnny Cash, Stve Vai, Ozzy, Descendents, The Misfits, Lamb of God, Cake, Tech N9ne, Dean Martin, Jameson Irish whiskey, beer, and more whiskey. Also, late night trips to the Paper Tiger.


Originally a "coup stick" was used to display the bravery of a warrior. An Indian man's status was decided by his courage as a fighter and his success as a hunter. The ultimate act of bravery was to get close enough to touch an enemy with a coup stick and let him live (and also survive himself!) The proudest day of any young warrior's life, was when he counted his first coup.

In our case; “Coupstick”(all one word) is a movement that touches everyone, not just your enemy. It’s a movement that you can be a part of…It’s like the wind when it touches your face it can be both soft and harsh. Either way you FEEL it.
Coupstick Kicks ass

$10.00 - $15.00


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