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Dillinger Four

Dillinger Four is an influential American punk band based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Formed in 1994, the band has released studio albums through Hopeless Records and Fat Wreck Chords. The band also compiled material for release on No Idea Records.

Current members are Lane "Monkey Hustle" Pederson (drums), Billy Morrisette (guitar, vocals), Erik Funk (guitar, vocals), Patrick "Paddy" Costello (bass, vocals.) Funk co-owns the Triple Rock Social Club, a popular bar and music venue in Minneapolis. Erik allegedly had a shrine to Gene Simmons in his room when he was growing up.

We are a punk band from sunny Minneapolis, MN. What do we sound like? Well, imagine if Jawbreaker, Lawrence Arms and Alkaline Trio got in a knife fight and Jawbreaker won - but just barely. That's what we sound like. Does that even make sense? Probably not.

Nate also plays in The Gateway District and used to play in The Pyongyang Metro and Off With Their Heads. Nate and Nick used to play in Rivethead. Danny used to play in These Riffs and Cave Deaths. Cory also plays in The Manix. We've all had illustrious careers.

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PO Box 8995 Minneapolis, MN 55408
bannerpilot at gmail dot com
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Something of a Chicago punk supergroup, Pegboy carried the torch for the city's classic post-hardcore sound into the '90s, albeit with a more straightforward, melodic approach. Founder and guitarist John Haggerty had been in the seminal Naked Raygun, while his brother, drummer Joe Haggerty, had played with Bloodsport and a later version of the Effigies. Vocalist Larry Damore and charter bassist Steve Saylors had both been in the Bhopal Stiffs, and teamed up with the Haggerty brothers in 1990, when all of their respective bands had given up the ghost (or were about to). Signing to Touch & Go subsidiary Quarterstick, Pegboy debuted that same year with the Three Chord Monte EP, then followed it in 1991 with their first full-length album, Strong Reaction. Later paired on a CD reissue, these two records bridged '90s punk-pop and seminal proto-alternative punkers like Hsker D, Mission of Burma, and the aforementioned Naked Raygun. Following a tour with Social Distortion, Saylors left the band, owing to a new, less flexible day job. Chicago legend Steve Albini filled in for him on the 1993 EP Fore, after which the group settled on a permanent replacement in Pierre Kezdy, another ex-Naked Raygun member who'd started his career in another early Chicago punk outfit, Strike Under (his brother John also fronted the Effigies). Kezdy debuted on the 1994 album Earwig, which was followed by a split single with Kepone. Falling silent for a couple of years, Pegboy returned in 1997 with their third album, the Albini-engineered Cha Cha Damore. ~ Steve Huey, All Music Guide Written by Steve Huey

Off With Their Heads (Acoustic)

Rising punk rock band Off With Their Heads have released Home, their sophomore Epitaph Records’ release. Produced by Bill Stevenson of Decendents fame at the Blasting Room in Fort Collins, CO, Home retains all the boisterous spirit of the band's earlier efforts while sonically taking a monumental step forward. The new album embraces authentic punk rock at its core and combines melodic fast paced aggression with mid-tempo pop, while singer Ryan Young’s rough and edgy vocals and genuine lyrics create a sincerity that can only come from a hard working band that lives and breathes it every day.

“Home is about the struggles of constantly being on the move, trying to maintain relationships while being away, and not feeling like there is really anywhere to go home to anymore,” says Young. It’s about the reasons why people leave their hometowns and never go back.”

From the first track, “Star Walking", an explosive opener about things getting worse while waiting for things to get better, to the album’s first single “Nightlife” about worry-filled, sleepless nights that keep you awake, Young describes the new album as “being about how hard it is to accept change for some of us.” This is evident in the sobering track “Stolen Away” that takes a hard look at fleeting relationships while “Seek Advice Elsewhere” touches upon the importance of reflection. Young continues to say, “It’s about getting older, and not being ok with it. It is about how religion can destroy a family. Finally, it is a dedication to anyone who can relate.”

Off With Their Heads have begun to carve out their own foundation in punk rock history with their very own take on rowdy, self-deprecating, beer-drinking, working class punk rock. When it comes to touring virtually year round, it isn’t a choice as much as it’s a lifestyle for Off With Their Heads. In March, the band will once again head out on another tour in anticipation of one of the year’s most engaging punk rock records.

A Wilhelm Scream

How does one gauge the success of a band pushing the envelope of a genre that receives little to no credit by the mainstream media? In the case of A Wilhelm Scream, the answer is “Who cares?” – As a band playing punk rock for over a decade, members Trevor Reilly, Nuno Pereira, Nick Angelini, Brian Robinson and Mike Supina haven’t focused on success, image or whatever bandwagon a group can jump on to get their music into the ears of listeners: It’s the ideal of music from an honest place, playing to the kids who want to hear more than a simple love song, or want an opinion rammed down their throats. Despite operating just below the radar A Wilhelm Scream have carved out a reputation as one of the best live bands around, bolstered by their staggeringly rich albums of ultra-technical melodic punk rock firestorms. Playing 250+ worldwide shows each year, the band posses a work ethic best described as ‘heroic’.

A Wilhelm Scream is:Nuno Pereira – Vocals
Trevor Reilly – Guitar, Vocals
Brian Robinson – Bass, Vocals
Mike Supina – GuitarNick Angelini – Drum

The Riverboat Gamblers

Formed in Denton, Texas in 1997, The Riverboat Gamblers, instantly made a name for themselves with their rowdy, energetic live shows.

Building a local following, based on a self released single and lots of sweat, the band began to take the show from the dives and house parties of their home State to the rest of their Country. In 2001 Austin punk legend Tim Kerr (Big Boys, Poison 13) produced their (s/t) debut album released on the Washington D.C. based label Vile Beat Records. The band's unique performances caught the attention of S.F. based label, Gearhead Records, a deal was inked & earlier this year their second album--also produced by Tim Kerr--"Something To Crow About" was released.

With the momentum from all the positive press received from "Something to Crow About" in magazines such as Spin and Alternative Press, the Riverboat Gamblers again hit the road awing crowds from New York to San Francisco. The band continued to earn pages of press for both shows played and shows cancelled due to injuries. The intensity of the Gamblers live shows have caused broken teeth, lacerated body parts, and thousands of dollars in medical bills....
but all unintentional and all in the name of fun. It's all part of the X factor that has given the Gamblers a fanatical and even somewhat celebrity following and has made them America's media darlings.The band continue to press on writing new material and preparing for the upcoming European and Japanese tours. The video for the hit single "What's What" is nearly completed and the song is to be featured on Jackass star Bam Margera's part in the November 411 video magazine.

The Gamblers have played with a wide range of

artists, from the Dictators to Chris Isaak to the Mighty Mighty Bosstones.
They have headlined Austin's SXSW three years in a row, and kicked everyone in the face at Gearfest (U.S.A.).

The Denton, Texas tradition of proving fertile turf for music is solidified with The Riverboat Gamblers. Rock, punk, pop, garage, whatever you want to call it, is all swirled into an intense ball or thermonuclear energy ready to explode. Whenever the Gamblers take the stage, make sure you have a blast shield.

The odds seem in favour of betting on The Riverboat Gamblers!



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