Joyce Manor

Joyce Manor

Joyce Manor is a progressive, pop-punk band from Long Beach, California.

Merry Christmas

One would like to believe that Merry Christmas was formed after last call at a dive bar, as an excuse to get another six pack and keep on going. Their music always sounds like a late night celebration among friends, full of fuzzy-pop that is sometimes epic and sometimes a little sad.

At the core of the band are Jeff Enzor and Justin Conway, who have been playing in bands around Torrance, CA since they were in their early teens. Having grown up with a healthy dose of SoCal pop-punk and 90's indie rock, the two found themselves living in Long Beach in their early-20's, drinking late-night Budweisers together, and writing the music that has become Merry Christmas.

When listening to the Her Exceptional Kindness EP, it not hard to hear Guided By Voices, Superchunk, and 90's era Weezer played urgently with plenty of sing-along choruses. It's also no wonder that they are friends and at times have shared members with other L.A. bands Joyce Manor and Summer Vacation.

$8.00 - $10.00


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