Seazon of the Fly with One False Move and Jason Zimmerman

Seazon of the Fly

Seazon of the Fly (SotF) is a four piece band from Central Minnesota. Throughout the past decade they have proven themselves as a serious group with a solid following in the St. Cloud area.

Chances are, if you like music, one of the many qualities of SotF will appeal to you. The four members vary just as much musically as they do in age. Drawing from a wide range of genres and inspiration, SotF manages to shape their sonic character with a myriad of sides and faces. From Grunge to Progressive, hard and distorted to soft and acoustic; they’re a versatile group, capable of sharing the stage with just about anyone.

SotF can hold their own and always bring their ‘A’ game. Their live shows consist of original music stitched seamlessly into their covers. SotF’s cover material is comprised of top singles from bands that have inspired the group throughout their life long careers as musicians. Bands like: Alice in Chains, A Perfect Circle, System of a Down, Slipknot, Stone Temple Pilots and Nirvana. The list goes on…

SotF’s goal is to play kick ass show after kick ass show and entertain a growing audience. They have the skills, material and potential to do it right. If you’ve seen Seazon of the Fly, you’ll remember it.

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