For fans of Dream Theater, Opeth and Avenged Sevnfold.

This is not your father’s kind of metal. This is definitely not a hair band. Hephystus is a new metallic breed ~ tight, pounding, progressive and dramatic. Three life-long friends blended their unique styles to form the core of the band. Guitarists Brandon Miller and Matt Halberg, and drummer Troy Surratt all played in previous bands together but their sound was truly cemented by the arrival of Aaron Yow’s bone-shaking bass tone. Dense and melodic, Hephystus puts the life and soul back into metal.


4.5 stars - one of the best progressive metal albums you've never heard! By Justin G. - December 8, 2012

2011's Burn the Page is the debut (sort of) album from North Carolina-based progressive metal band Hephystus. The band, which remains one of the best kept secrets in the American progressive metal scene, originally released these songs on their self-titled debut in 2009, but they've been newly recorded (and properly mastered) for this release, making Burn the Page a much more effective introduction to the band's sound.

It's easy when covering progressive metal bands to use Dream Theater as the comparison point, and to some extent that applies here. Hephystus just cuts out all the extended instrumental pyrotechnics, holds the songs to roughly five minutes each and maintains a dark vibe throughout, which probably puts them closer to Evergrey than anyone else. There's a great sense of heaviness on Burn the Page, and one that never lets you forget you're listening to a metal album. It's got these monster rhythms, intricate (but not obnoxious) guitar solos, well-placed keyboards and some really powerful and emotional vocals (almost entirely clean, but a growl sneaks in here and there). The songs are well written, both in terms of the musical arrangement and the lyrics, and production/mastering is a perfect fit for this kind of music.

Burn the Page is an example of dark progressive metal done right. That it's coming from a relatively unknown American band is all the more impressive. Fans of Evergrey in particular should absolutely check out what Hephystus has to offer, but this band should also appeal to fans of the larger progressive metal genre, whether that's Dream Theater and Fates Warning or Leprous and even Tool.

For fans of Tesseract, Karnivool and Periphery.

Wings Denied are prog metal for the girlfriends of prog metal fans. As a band, we strive to balance the de-tuned riffs of djent, the atmosphere of post-rock, and the time-signature modulation of progressive rock and metal, while still writing catchy stuff!

"Balls. Personal courage. Wings Denied. Interchangeable words, my progger friends. Awake has the hard power-punch of the Deftones and thematic progressions of Monuments- an excellent first effort from this Washington D.C. based band. Their carved-in melodies never falter." - Dante's Prog Blog Inferno (June 15)


For fans of Iron Maiden, Judas Preist and Testament.

Storming out of the gates from the get go, Knightmare was created to rock your mind, and give you a blast from the past, with a good touch of modern and pioneering sounds. Giving you slamming drums, killer bass, and of course, the twin tower attack. An act that you will not so easily forget. A live show full of energy and passion for music. Raise the banner and smash down the gates! Lets bring back the days of heavy metal.

The Death in Me

For fans of Parkway Drive, The Ghost Inside and Demon Hunter.

In the short amount of time that they have been around, The Death In Me has released one single in October of 2012 entitled "The Unseen". Since then "The Unseen" has been creating a massive buzz around the net as well as physically. They have also been blessed with the chance to play many places and develop and create a personal relationship with our fans. As of right, now TDIM are currently in the process of recording our their EP that will be self released in July entitled "Dead Bones", and will be touring at the end of July in support of the release.

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