Imperial State Electric

Imperial State Electric

Featuring members of the legendary Swedish garage rock band The Hellacopters, Imperial State Electric is the place or state of mind in which I am the lone Emperor. Here I rule just but firm, armed with an artillery of a hundred thousand electric guitars. To govern the barren lands of rogue infidels, a hefty task indeed, I call upon my mercenary generals, seated trustworthy at my right hand. Me and my disciples worship at the analogue altar of The Beatles and Steve Jones. The Imperial State Doctrine is simple: the Rock needs to roll. From Mr. R. Penniman to Staley Eisen anno ’76; from Laura Lee to Super Sonic Smith, we salute the royalties of yore to disrespectfully exploit what lies ahead.

No visas required, I bid thee welcome to the rockin’ realm of Imperial State Electric

Nicke Andersson,
Head of State

Creem Circus

We are The Creem Circus. We are your farvorite band's favorite band. We play hard, glitter, tandum lead, platfom-powerchord rock & roll with lot of boogie down soul. We shop in the women's department and our amps are ALWAYS stacked. The time has come to party on down and run away…



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