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Kristen Ford Band

Kristen Ford was born in April 1987 in Ohio. She has since lived in 6 states, most recently in Chicago, Illinois and Boston, Massachusetts. Playing out and about for the past 5 years, Kristen has written slews of songs, performed across the globe and released 2 full length records, “Filthy Nasty” in 2009 on Many Doors Records, produced by June Millington and Lee Madeloni, and a double EP album “Alone, Together” released independently and the EP “ Alone “ produced by the one woman band phenom, Audrey Ryan.

Yearly moves, changes in geography and a personality “like talking to a child with ADHD”, Kristen has been hailed as having “no easy way to categorize the music, the real deal” and a “musical cuisinart”, Kristen plays everything from Reggae to Country to Folk to Pop on a handful of instruments, guitar, ukulele, piano and beatbox. Energy binds her eclectic tastes together and makes the live show a must see.

In 2007 Kristen played her first ever solo on her 19th birthday. In 2008, Paul Hendrick and Sarah Icklan joined Kristen to form the Kristen Ford Band. That group played over 100 shows in 2009, and released “Alone, Together” in which the EP “Together” is a rip roaring live performance, recorded in Goshen, Massachusetts in April 2010.

Kristen and her band have played with artists such as Sonya Kitchell, Matthew Santos, Erin Mckeown, Naia Kete, The Pussy Pirates, The Rex Complex, Abbie Barrett, Bear Motor, Baker London and many more,
In venues such as Church, The Middle East, TT the Bears, (Boston) The Empty Bottle, The Red Line Tap, Reggies (Chicago) Googies, Sidewalk Café, The Annex, Vox Pop (NYC), Café Coco, Windows (Nashville), Black Water Hatties, Flying Monkey (Hunstville) 400 Bar (Minneapolis) The Frequency (Madison) Club Havana, Bernies (Columbus) The Shadow Lounge (Pittsburgh) The LAB (Asheville) The Space (Detroit) Art Bar (Milwaukee) Raven Lounge (Philadelphia) Wonderroot (Atlanta) BigFoot (Portland OR), Club Q (Reykjavik Iceland) Parihaka Peace Festival (Auckland, New Zealand) Hudson Valley Pride Festival, Rockfest 2009, and too many fond memories to mention.


“When Chi-town Musical cuisinart Kristen Ford decided to adopt Boston as her new stomping grounds, we were pumped to have her, and all 17 genres she manages to play at once…delight in her take on acoustic disco”
-The Weekly Dig July 2010

“For those who don’t know about Kristen Ford, her music is a blend of rock, folk and reggae with sexy sprinkles on top.”
Cul de Sac Magazine ..July 2010

“Filthy Nasty” is easily one of the most promising debut albums I have heard in a long time. This Kristen Ford is a real rocker…There is no easy was to categorize the music of Kristen Ford. All of this musical diversity is what makes Filthy Nasty so appealing. Add to that striking melodies, the strong musicianship and her honest direct lyrics, and you’ve got the real deal.”
- The Greenfield Recorder February 2009

“To speak to Kristen Ford is like talking to a child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Ford never settles on one genre, dabbling in folk, rock, disco and reggae.”
- The Huntsville Times, April 2009

“An unexpected, eye catching blend…music is a fusion of varying elements, like heavy guitars and dance beats… creates music that speaks to everyone: gay, straight, black, white, whatever. [Kristen Ford] strives to be a new breed of rock.”
- Windy City Times April 2008

“Sounds like she was born with a Guitar in her hand. A Multi-instrumentalist with dozens of songs under her belt, she effortlessly glides between pop, rock and roots.”
- Diva Magazine October 2007

“She’s an ambitious girl, who plays guitar and records as a solo artist. Her live sets are never boring… this is how a girl with a guitar builds a fan base”
- Columbia Chronicle December 2006

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