South Side Punx, The Rogue Nations, All Rise, Socialytes, The Live Grenades

South Side Punx

No Bullshit Queen City, East coast punk rock. We have played with The Vibrators, The Casualties, Lower Class Brats, Street Dogs, The Briefs, Dead Pets, Clit 45, River City Rebels, Brain Failure, Go Betty Go, Left Alone, NAKED AGGRESSION, Retching Red, the Independents, Straight Jacket, Buck Mountain Stranglers, Hectagons!, Boolow, Studio Gangsters, 25 Minutes To Go, the Low Budgets etc. Our goal is to make horrible noize and start a war.

The Rogue Nations

punk rock trio featuring members of My So Called Band, Minority Party, Aloha Broha, etc...

All Rise

All Rise is a three piece hardcore street punk band, that is nationally known. With extreme stage presence for a 3 piece band, everything is brutal as can be. With the anger and the truth of the band it's hard not to listen and not want to completely throw down, or throw up. Up the punx and support your scene.


ex-members of The Shotdowns

The Live Grenades

The Live Grenades started at Wingate University with four college students who played because they were bored, loved music, or had something to convey to the world. The Live Grenades started with Owen Syko as a singer, Miguel Cohen on guitar, Connor Hansen on bass, and Nathan Curlee as a drummer. Not everyone has the same story but everyone came together to form a band. Unfortunately Nathan Curlee had to leave due to financial reasons as well as Connor Hansen. Nathan was a great drummer as well as a great friend to everyone in the band, he is also a great composer and lyricist. Nathan still plays an active role in the band by supporting the Live Grenades and recording the music of the band (Nathan recorded the one and only demo of the Live Grenades). Connor was an instrumental part to the beginning of the band as the first bass player. While it was unfortunate to loose two of the band's original members and half of the musicians on the first recordings of the Live Grenades, the band had to continue. The band picked up Naji Lee as a drummer who is a great drummer and has become essential for continuing the Live Grenades. The Live Grenades also picked up Cody Bachelor for a short time as a crucial but short lived bass player that even composed what has become a signature song before reluctantly letting the remarkable musician go. Now the Live Grenades have employed Alex Stiff as a bass player who doubles as a sort of manager making the newest addition extremely important.

$5.00 - $7.00


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