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Hemp Hill

Hemp Hill is three dudes who play punk rock music. We use that term loosely. Fuck it.

"Seeing a Bambara set live is sorta like getting trapped in a long, dark corridor with the vague sensation that you are being followed by the thing that terrifies you most … so long as what you're scared of is experimental indie bands with a tendency to be mellow very loudly." - Weekly Dig Boston


Manners are a hardcore band in the vein of Defeater/La Dispute hailing from Hartford, Connecticut. While they have the sound mastered with just two EPs to their name, it's frontman Chris Hague's emotional past that fuels his dark lyricism, making for a unique experience among the scene. Releasing their newest record, Apparitions & Escapism, last June via MorseCode recordings, the album is composed of re-recordings of both previous works along with two new songs.

Piss Poor

Born Bitter

$5.00 - $7.00


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