Sun Ghost. Filed Tripp, Danger Paul

Despite the obscene unlikelihood of having done so, the four of us, traveling through space at different great and complex velocities, somehow converged together and continued to meet a couple times a week to make loud noises from several fandangled contraptions to correspond into some sort of organized form of sound over synchronized periods of time. We have captured the resulting audio of this phenomenon and present it to you on this compact disc.


Field Tripp has emerged as one of the best rock bands in Phoenix, Arizona. They have played hundreds of live shows since their inception in 2007 and each show is better than the last. While they may be considered indie rock, they defy all definitions of genre as their songs range from straight out rock'n'roll to folk to Americana and shades of country influences. Founded by Dan Tripp, he has been the only consistent member of the band during the last seven years. Tripp is considered to be one of the most talented and prolific songwriters in the Phoenix music scene. In 2014 alone he has released three amazing EPs and an entire album of Woody Guthrie covers he recorded with bandmates and friends.

The three EPs Field Tripp released in 2014 have garnered both public attention and critical praise. Les Is Mormon, Woeful Common Terry and Warren Drugs all show very different sides of Field Tripp and together they capture a perfect portrait of Field Tripp as they are today. Tripp is a visionary and he follows his own dream in songwriting and performance. The current lineup consists of Tripp, who is also a member of Snake!Snake!Snakes!, on vocals and guitar, Jess Pruitt (Desert Beats) on bass and David Cooper (Snake!Snake!Snakes!) on drums. Of all the lineups that Field Tripp has had over the years, this is the best and the crowd reaction to their shows confirms that in no uncertain terms.

While this year was a big year for Field Tripp, 2015 promises to be even bigger. Tripp is planning on taking the band into the studio for a full length album for which he has been saving his best songs. Arguably, some of their best songs have already seen release on the three EPs this year with instant classics like "Wrapped In Plastic," "John Wayne," "Generous Folks", "The Awards Ceremony," and "The Right Way." That being said, the songs that appear in their live shows that have not appeared on the EPs far surpass what has been revealed through their recordings. Field Tripp's approaching full length album is anticipated by many to be one of the best albums of the year and will far exceed the depth of their debut album Super-Ego Friendly from 2011. The world doesn't even know that it is waiting for Field Tripp to show its musical brilliance, but it is.

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