The Belmont Playboys

Launched in 1989 -- no, really -- the Playboys are still kicking ass and taking names. They've played with just about everybody you could think of and at least two you would never have imagined. They've done six CD's and the latest one is their best yet -- which, I'm not sure what that means. They've toured everywhere, and don't care if it's a tiny bar or a fifteen-hundred seat hall. They are true to absolutely nothing but what they do, which ain't like what anybody else does. It ain't nostalgia, it ain't high art, it ain't pretentious, it ain't so groundbreaking as to be outside the bounds of anything you ever heard. It's rock and roll: plain, simple, neat, sweet, raucous, rowdy, fun, bouncy, lighthearted, and loud. If you ain't grinning by the end of the third song, you're missing the point. Either that, or they owe you money.

CHALKIES are garage punk rock n roll.
It's good for you.

The Mercators

"The Mercators sidle slinky and slow. Whether soaked in fuzz or ramshackle twang, there's a foot-tapping energy that infests their musical foundation like hook-hungry termites gorging themselves." Chris Parker Independent Weekly



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