Post-Modern Panic

Post-Modern Panic

Post-Modern Panic is a four piece rock from central Connecticut that synthesizes new and classic ideas. Their music is one part rock, one part soul, and one part everything, blended into a sonic collage that juxtaposes elements of hardcore and Motown, trip-hop and classic rock, pop and avante-garde.

The group consists of vocalist and songwriter Rachel Adele, guitarist and co-writer Karl Messerschmidt, bassist Mike Polce, and drummer Tim Bojanowski. After spending 2012 honing their craft through practice, gigging, and more practice, Post-Modern Panic went into the studio in winter of 2013 with engineer Greg Darigis to produce their first album, to be released June 21st at Arch Street Tavern in Hartford. The album includes eight of the bands favorite staples of its live shows.

Of their new album 'Wings of Gold' "An ethereal and ghostly album combining elements of shoegaze with 90's alt rock. Every song soars along with their soulful front woman leading the flight." -Chip McCabe,

Farewood is comprised of husband and wife songwriters Lou Lorenzo and Leah Booker. Rounding out the present lineup is drummer Kyle McCarthy and soundscape artist Ed Diaz.

The band finds inspiration for their tunes against the backdrop of their hometown of Meriden, CT. The desolate feel of the city surroundings consistently finds its way into the subconsciousness of their songs, yielding a sound that at times is shadowy, desperate and lonely. But like many Connecticut towns, once you venture out of the emptiness of its downtown center, the back roads can unfold into beautiful, almost country roads. That duality, or contrast if you will, can be found throughout their music. Their songs can be dark on the surface, but underneath it all lies a certain unmistakable beauty.

"'Wings of Gold' is more oblique, with vocals wrapped in gauzy layers of reverb and surrounded by dark, urgent guitars, swirling atmospheric textures and propulsive rhythms."-Eric Danton, Listen Dammit

"Farewood delivered more power than other bands in the same vein. You could blame all three members for that as they thrashed their instruments within and inch of their lives."-Chris Lough, New Haven Advocate

Wess Meets West

Lazy genre classifications are frighteningly stunted when describing Wess Meets West. A simple “post rock” label is a tepid disservice that waters down the aesthetic drive and critical intent the band has put forth on their latest album. With Chevaliers, Wess Meets West (Sam Stauff, Erick Alfisi, Nick Robinson, Andrew Porta and Jesse Vengrove) move beyond any number of noisy “post rock” contemporaries in an attempt to harness a deeper narrative, one imbued with both history and odyssey. It’s fitting then that Wess should call New England home, a coastal hub exposed to the elements and ripe with historic consequence. Whether on record or live, Wess Meets West consistently reaches the memorable while driving toward the intangible. Layers of ambient guitars, mirrored harmonies, swelling lows, and textured percussion mix with found sounds and electronics to create a density of sound that is otherworldly. Their intense, visceral performances appear as a struggle, a messy tug-of-war between the artist and the unconquerable eternals of time: an unending sea, an immobile mountain, an ageless forest and a constant wind pitted against the unwavering human will to persevere. In this, Wess Meets West is striving for something more: to bottle the primordial. In this quest, they refuse to shy away from the grandiose. Their compass is always pointed at something larger. On Chevaliers, this purpose is harnessed with audacity and demonstrates a confidence to tackle an enduring scale that most bands—of any level—would be discouraged to dirty their hands with.

Wess Meets West began in 2005. The first four EPs "You Women..." (2007), "How To Kill A Mammoth"(2008), “A Collection of Explosions and Death Threats” (2009), and “The Sun The Moon The Master (2009) all explore different areas of electronics and post rock. Wess Meets West have also collaborated with John Nolan,(Taking Back Sunday, Straylight Run) on his Collaboration Experiment, "The Bering Sea",

Wess Meets West is currently touring the east coast and writing/ recording the follow up to 2011’s Chevaliers.

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