Brent Rademaker of Beachwood Sparks, Light Fantastic, Honeycrisp plus the California Friends all star jam with special guests The Allah-Las

Brent Rademaker of Beachwood Sparks and the California Friends

Wednesday, June 26th at The Satellite Brent Rademaker will be welcoming you aboard and guiding you through the evenings entertainment. I'll be steering the good ship Honeycrisp, Terry Sowers and his Light Fantastic will be sharing the sparkling seas. Then stick around and watch out for some pirate guests to hop aboard and take us into uncharted waters. This should be a very fun, diverse, and melodious evening! Please join us.

Light Fantastic

While a musical project that had been in the works for a few years, Light Fantastic was officially hatched recently, during the warmest winter in San Francisco in memory. In an effort to harness the unusually blue skies, Terry Sowers (who has played with Farmer Dave's SF live band) and Jeremy Bringetto (Tamaryn, Bellavista) paired up to realize the sunnier side of pop music, inspired as much by obscure California sunshine pop records as the late night soul music often heard spilling out of the local club scene. The result is something that manages to be uplifting without naiveté, thoughtful and sometimes danceable, stumbling upon a sound that perhaps reaches similar conclusions as UK bands from decades past—albeit with a current and beachier twist. They are currently recording their first LP with members of Tamaryn.


Ben Knight has played guitar on his own and in bands around Los Angeles for most of his adult life. Ben is a founding member of The Tyde, and has played and recorded three albums with them since they formed last century and is a guitarist in the reformed Beachwood Sparks after years of auxiliary duty. Over the past few years, Ben has hosted and performed in many jams at Mollusk Surf Shop in Venice, colour-droned with the Golden Hits, and plays in Farmer Dave's Club Pacific Band.

Lauren Sarmir comes from Austin, but has found her west coast heart in Venice. Lauren has played flute in many settings since childhood, including travelling with the University of Texas Band.

One of them can read music, the other cannot. Together, they form Honeycrisp, a new little band setting out to comfort listeners with velvety vibes, mellifluous melodies, and honeyed harmonies.

$8.00 - $10.00


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