Bubonik Funk

Bubonik Funk is an American Rock band, from Charlotte, North Carolina formed in 2006, consisting of Stefan Kallander (guitar, vocals), Dylan Ellett (vocals, organ), Nick Mcowen (bass guitar), and Daniel Allison (drums, vocals). With their funky, guitar-driven soulful sound, Bubonik Funk are regularly cited as a groove and jam band. However, the band's individualistic style draws from many sources and transcends any one music genre. Bubonik Funk did not release songs from their initial album virally, as they preferred to develop their sound and style further.

Bubonik Funk is held in high regard for their emphasis on independent management, full control of the creative process, and a widening sphere of popularity despite any aid from commercial companies or record labels. In 2007, the band began playing shows in the Charlotte area, venues such as Tremont Music Hall, Neighborhood Theatre, and the Evening Muse. By 2009, Bubonik Funk had played as far north as Boston, and for college crowds of UNC Chapel Hill, East Carolina University, UNC Wilmington and Berklee School of Music in Boston.

As of 2010, the band has released two E.P.s. "OTB" and "Wink at the Devil". Both albums were self produced with a single production engineer, Dustin Hofsess. Creative control, album art and distribution fell in the hands of the band itself.

Bubonik Funk has played with respected musicians such as Soulive, Laura Reed and the Deep Pocket, Cyril Neville, and last July played Verizon Wireless prior to Phish. The band has done a 45 minute radio interview with Davakar of 106.5 The End and performed their song "Woman in My Basket".

The band recorded their third official album in July of 2011. The album will contain nine songs, more than any other prior album. The release date is set for 2012.

George Tisdale Band

For fans of: Andre 3000, James Brown, and Prince.

Just imagine the gut wrenching soul of James Brown meshed with the fashion sense of Andre 3000, and then fuse it with the edge of the Rolling Stones you end up with the George Tisdale Band. GTB is successfully bridging the gap between experimental, alternative, funk that is rooted in a deep faith which is the solid foundation of the soul. Armed with soul-stirring vocals, a guitar, tuba, drums, and keyboards, – the George Tisdale band is a refreshing return to an era of true artistry and awe-inspiring talent. Applauds from both music industry insiders and fans alike; many GTB fans can testify to it being a life changing experience.

From an early age George began to distinguish himself as a musician. At the age of 8 he started playing the drums, keyboard, and later as a young underground artist experimenting with different styles, George began to develop the visionary sound that has become his trademark.

This sound is the product of a number of musical influences, including George's late uncle, the world-renowned jazz bassist, Wayman Tisdale. Other influences include James Brown, Jimi Hendrix, Prince, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Sly and the Family Stone, and Elton John.

George has worked alongside many of the most talented artists in the industry today including Janelle Monae, Branford Marsalis, Anthony David, Keite Young, Nnenna Freelon, Jeff "Tain" Watts, D.Woods, Nate Currin, and many more.

In 2010, he got together with Donald Parker III and formed the George Tisdale Band. Their eclectic songbook is a blend of alternative rock, funk, soul, folk and ballads. Donald Parker III sums up the secret ingredient to their groundbreaking style with one question: "what other rock band has a tuba in it?" His one-man funk-infused horn section adds another dimension to their multi-layered sound.

In 2013 the band is set to release their highly-anticipated debut single, "All We Are" which is from the album Problems vs. Solutions which is slated to come out soon. For this project they teamed up with L.A. Based producer Chris Warrior, ATL's Simon Illa, and DFW's own Keite Young and a host of other producers, singers, songwriters and musicians. The album uncovers the complexities of everyday life; but rather than simply dwelling on ever-present struggles, the band uses each track as an opportunity to offer solutions. Each melody becomes a light illuminating the way forward.

Donald Parker III says the band's mission is to produce life-changing, God-implanted music that penetrates the soul and sets listeners free. At a time when most artists are desperately trying to sound the same, the George Tisdale Band is a breath of fresh air – a reminder of a time gone by, and a celebration of what's to come.

For fans of: Stone Temple Pilots, Maroon 5 & Ray Charles

"We really didn't like each other!" laughs Kyle Obermeier guitarist and singer with Roshambeaux, recalling meeting drummer, and now band mate, Jarret Chastain for the first time. "We met at a festival. We were playing with separate bands. It was so apparent we had absolutely nothing at all in common. And that was that. Or so we thought."

Fast forward a year. Fate threw Obermeier and Chastain together again, this time as Chastain was a fill in drummer for a band Obermeier was performing with.

"After a handful of shows, we grew closer personally and musically and decided to put an original band together. And Roshambeaux was born."

The band's short history (together since 2010) is peppered with musical milestones not usually accomplished in a fledgling organization. In no time flat, Roshambeaux has established regular tour stops and consistently add new gigs. They've quickly gathered tons of fans and even garnered the attention of Blood, Sweat and Tears Gary Foote, who copped the CD and deemed it great. Axel Lowe at 99x in Atlanta (always a good gauge of new rock) pronounced them "the real deal" during an interview at Oysterfest in Atlanta. The band's tune Moneymaker was selected for www.singleoftheday.com and a Roshambeaux poster was spotted on Discovery’s “Confessions Animal Hoarders,” on Animal Planet. And then there's the Atlanta venue owner who said Roshambeux' show was the best his venue had seen in many a day.

The followup to Roshambeaux' 2011's debut album, Gaudy Monstrosity (which sold a very respectable 1,000 units) is in the works. Tracking started in July with an expected release April 2013.
More about Roshambeaux

Roshambeaux' rock sensibilities lie in the juxtaposition of styles Obermeier and Chastain were imbued with as children. Obermeier's mom and dad sang Aretha Franklin, Elvis, The Drifters.

"I learned to play piano from one of the ladies at church and learned harmony by singing gospel tunes with my mom." Obermeier's parents were racially mixed. "It made me socially, personally and musically ahead of the game."

"My family did not have reunions; we had jam sessions." Jarret Chastain remembers. "My dad bought me a drum set when I was ten, set up the radio to play ZZ Top and said, 'Son,play along'!" Chastain's family supported his musical talent, especially his dad and grandmother.

"They're gone now. I promised them I would never stop playing and doing what I loved."

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