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Producer Branded James, based in Los Angeles, has worked on remixes for Blondfire, Cajoline, and Colleagues. He has also had orginal tracks remixed by Jason Kid. Keep a look out for more orginal tracks by Branded James in the coming months.

VIBES is a movement, a feeling, a place to stay.

Based in Santa Monica, VIBES is a project of varying influence, yet creating under a common umbrella: Pool Party Disco.

Comprised of G Templeton, Death House of Love, and Alex Slavin, VIBES is a project that bridges the gap between musical experiments and honest dance music. With soulful hooks, deep layers of disco synths, and a sunshine-like aura, VIBES is now building a small local following, with energetic shows to compliment their classic pop sensibilities. Not only do they bring live vocals to the table, VIBES also incorporates live synth and percussion into their shows, and has even been known to bring along a horn section on occasion.

With the release of their first EP, "Stone Floors and Calm Tigers", VIBES is able to showcase not only the sonic revolution that is the production skills of G Templeton and Death House of Love, but the one-of-a-kind vocal stylings of Alex Slavin. With a mix of Billy Joel-esque harmonies and a powerful delivery reminiscent of Huey Lewis, set to a soundtrack of driving and powerful disco, the sweet vocals and sublime lyrics really set VIBES apart from the pack of electronic dance groups.


SFV natives and LA lurkers have gone from house parties to club nights. To eventually putting on events ranging all along the west coast. Always bringing you new up and coming talent as well as the latest music via their blog.
The blog features monthy CREAMCAST mixtapes and tracks released exlusively by producers from around the globe.
Bringing you the future sounds of what's to come next.


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