Andrew Leahey & the Homestead

Andrew Leahey & the Homestead

Like Tom Petty and Steve Earle, Andrew Leahey writes songs that split the difference between rock & roll and Americana. A Virginia native, he began his career as a vocalist, singing at Juilliard during his early 20s and performing at venues like Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center. Focusing on classical music grew old, though -- there weren't nearly enough guitar solos, for starters, and all the conductors seemed to think Sebastian Bach was Johann's younger brother -- so Leahey ditched the Big Apple and moved to Michigan, where he spent four years working as a music journalist and diving back into songwriting. Now a full-time Nashville resident, he writes, records, and tours with the band Andrew Leahey & the Homestead. Forget Carnegie Hall. This is music for country lanes and city highways, for pop fans and roots rockers, for the heart as well as the heartland.

Let's not forget about the Homestead. Andrew Leahey & the Homestead isn't a solo project; it's a band. It's a collaboration. It's a group of players who all write songs, who all sing, who all contribute to the process. Separate bios could be (and SHOULD be) written about Homesteaders like Phil Heesen, Miles Price, Kerry Hutcherson, Andrew Saunders, and Matt Morton. Those bios would be lengthy and funny, and they'd probably include references to the time Phil made an appearance on a Latin reality-TV show (true story!). Stay tuned.

Brice Woodall

Alternately spectral and warm-blooded, the live incarnation of songwriter/beatmaker Brice Woodall’s work bridges the organic and the synthetic, the embodied and the digital. Brice draws upon shortwave radio, film samples, and a growing arsenal of analog toys to cut an oblique face on synth-pop. His electro-acoustic arrangements build walls only to cut them down, puncturing thick atmospherics with clean guitar, beats and keys. This is the sound of the ghost in the wires—a weapon against the cynicism and neurosis that permeates our increasingly digital world.

GoldRush is on a humble quest to create and deliver music that inspires Romanticism. Fusing melodic elements of the classical, acoustic, ethereal, synthetic and downright dirty, GoldRush crafts soundscapes from the heart, with the intention to move your body, touch your soul, and activate your mind with a musical dance experience open to the alchemy of the present moment. GoldRush is sweating through molten sound and clarifying reflective intention with hope to bring you what you want: the Gold.



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