Glass Candy

Constantly evolving, Glass Candy have travelled from bare bones stripped down disco rock to equal parts digital and analogue, to synthesizer/drum machine with a side of bass and live drums, to Italo Disco. Born in Portland in the late 90's, the current line up is Ida No on vocals and Johnny Jewel on synths, guitar, and production. They rose to prominence through hugely successful releases on Italians Do It Better, the label started between Johnny Jewel and Mike Simonetti. They don't play New York very often, so be sure not to miss them this time!


"Chromatics (which includes Glass Candy's Johnny Jewel) have been on hiatus for the past two years. But they're back together now, and the label plans to reissue their 2007 album Night Drive as a double LP with four new tracks this summer. Chromatics also plan to release a new double album this fall. ... You can certainly hear all of the [Italo Disco] trademarks: doleful disco-punk guitars (the menacing clang of 'Healer'), starkly monochrome synth patches (especially gorgeous on the bumping goth club slow-jam 'Let's Make This a Moment to Remember'), watery keyboard progressions (ditto), and exploitation flick arpeggios ('Tomorrow Is So Far Away'). ... Chromatics have retained punk's taste for spare arrangements, but drawing on overripe Moroder-style dance music and early 1980s synth melancholia makes for some sumptuous spare arrangements." --Pitchfork



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