Medals came into existence as a new collaboration between vocalist/guitarist Will Popadic and bassist Yoichiro Fujita of the Brooklyn band Jaguar Club. Their debut LP “Dancing in Ceremony” was released in March of 2011. Nadia Brittingham, a college friend of Fujita, joined them on synthesizer for their live act.

Their new recordings were completed as the band members traveled between New York and Boston, where Popadic now resides. It is also the first full collaboration between Popadic, Fujita and Brittingham. Being physically distanced forced the band to write songs in completely new ways. Popadic accrued a slew of new pedals and synthesizers and built a recording studio in his basement where the ideas each band member worked on individually were combined, refined and reimagined. It is equal parts experimental and pop, distant and intimate


Miyazaki was born in Washington DC, the offspring of a group of new wave synth and disco dance lovers who are lovingly dedicated to the path of gloomy-house, loud beat, rain dance-synth pop, on a secret lover's vision quest.

Our main purpose in life is to make introspective and striking ear worms that play on repeat and scramble around in your head.

Our first album Color of Glass was released this year, which is the product of a side project initially started only as the musings of a couple experimenting at home and writing songs focused on vocals with introspective lyrics over arpeggiated synths, but along the way, Miyazaki came to it's current configuration with the addition of a live drummer and bassist, to create a deeper dimension to the music.


Saskatchewan began as the project of Orlando, Florida based multi-instrumentalist Chandler Strang, whose inspiration was culled from the passion and intensity of muses like Tears for Fears and Phil Collins. Strang began collaborating with several other Orlando based musicians to further develop the dreamy aesthetic of his initial solo material. After the release of several EPs, the now full-fledged band, who has toured with Gauntlet Hair, Mister Heavenly, Hundred Waters, and Levek, amongst others, will release their debut album entitled, Occasion, on April 30, 2013 via Father/Daughter Records.

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