Mischief Brew  (All Ages Show)

Mischief Brew (All Ages Show)

In June of 2000, after spending four years screaming in a punk band called The Orphans, Erik Petersen confined himself to a basement with an acoustic guitar, a rickety drum kit, a mandolin, and a four-track to stir a bunch of ideas together into a stew of songs. The resulting concoction was “Mirth: or, Certain Verses Composed and Fitted to Tunes, for the Delight and Recreation of All,” an eight-song demo cassette of acoustic punk influenced by medieval danses and raucous dust-raisers. On the spine of the tape (duplicated DIY-style by partners Denise Vertucci and Erik, later forming Fistolo Records), it read: “A Taste Of The Mischief Brew,” and included a “Folk The System” patch. There were no names or press pictures. Just a couple cryptic woodcuts, circle-A’s, illustrations of jesters and goblins, and a PO Box as a contact method.
Since then, Mischief Brew has grown to include several more humans, a few pug dogs, a lot more volume, and a bunch of pots and pans to bang on. It’s not unusual to see members scavenging around for scraps of metal and pieces of wood before a show, to use as percussion for a live set. And it might be the only punk rock band to feature a vibraharp. Since that scratchy demo tape, they have done numerous U.S. and European tours and have played everywhere from the Electric Factory in Philly to old bomb shelters in Germany, from CBGBs (the original one) to ABC No Rio in NYC, from 924 Gilman in Berkeley to the Trumbullplex in Detroit...not to mention in attics, basements, barns, underneath train bridges, and on rocking boats underneath the Williamsburg Bridge on the East River.

The Bad Doctors

The Bad Doctors have been active in the Philly music scene for about a year now. Its members are Brian Bullock, Luke Nally, and Matt McDermott. The band formed with the concept of creating serious and interesting rock and roll, in an attempt to fill the expanding void in Philadelphia's rock community. They formed a tight fan-base by playing house parties and basement shows relentlessly.
Their first media attention came with their self-released demo Distractions in June 2011. It was immediately followed by Bloodstains Across Philadelphia, a vinyl 12" compilation of local hardcore punk and metal bands released by West Philadelphia's Eaglebauer Records. The Bad Doctors are currently releasing a 7" single through Eaglebauer and planning a tour with Dry Feet in March.



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