Gal Musette, Sasha Evans, Jameson (Solo)

Gal Musette

Sasha Evans

My name is Sasha Evans and I am a local Laguna Beach singer/songwriter on keyboard. I play with a violin accompaniest named Doug Miller. We have opened and headlined 6 times at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano and are now trying to make our mark in the LA scene.


As a kid Jameson Burt dreamed of becoming a pilot: an early indication of his desire to reach high. His dream was not music related at all; his dream was not to write and record his own songs or to front his own band. It wasn't to make an album at the world famous Henson Studios. And it definitely wasn't to live in a motor home in an industrial park in Santa Ana -- his current residence. It was at age 12 that Jameson left behind his childhood dream of flight for the pursuit of something more artistic, but perhaps no less challenging. Ever since, his focused personality has thrived on the challenge of making great music. Ever since, his passion has been to create, to contribute, to make something from nothing, and to add beauty to his surroundings. For Jameson, this pursuit itself has become a dream come true.

Never being one to rest, Jameson is a prolific and dedicated song writer. He and the band have self-released two EP's and a full length album in the past year (with another full length in the works) at his personal studio... Just feet from the motor home.



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