Satan's Host

Satan's Host

Denver Colorado Metal from Hell since 1986! Satan's Host the brain child of Guitar Virtuoso Patrick Evil in league with vocalist Leviathan Thisiren (Harry Conklin, Jag Panzer-Titan Force) released their first album "Metal From Hell" in 1986 with huge underground acclaim and Cult following. After the release of this monument album Satan's Host recorded the famous Bootleg "Midnight Wind" which never got official release, but has been bootlegged along with "Metal from Hell" after it went out of print all over the world for years to come.

Then Satan's Host went into hiatus and then reappeared in 1999 with L.C.F. Eli Elixir on vocals along with Patrick Evil on Guitars. The band went on to release "In Articulo Mortis" in 1999 with "Archidoxes of Evil" in 2000. The band took on a new sound going deeper into the darker side of Metal from the Traditional side.

In 2004 Eli Elixir, Patrick Evil and new drummer Pete 3 Wicked started the process with Dave Otero of Flatline Studios to record "Burning the Born Again… (A New Philosophy)", following in 2005 with the release of "Satanic Grimoire: A Greater Black Magick". With the newly formed structure of band and producer working team, Satan's Host was able to land a deal with Moribund Cult Records and begun production for 2008 release "Great American Scapegoat…666" which landed the band on a US tour which was a major success. Moribund also re-released "Burning the Born Again… (A New Philosophy)" and "Satanic Grimoire: A Greater Black Magick".

In the summer of 2008 Pete 3 Wicked left Satan's Host and in came current drummer Anthony "Evil Hobbit" Lopez and along with Patrick Evil and Eli Elixir they went back into Flatline Audio and produced "Power~Purity~Perfection…999" which gained rave reviews globally. At this time, current bass player Margar entered the ranks of the band.

Eli Elixir departed Satan's Host during the 2009 holiday season and in stepped back into the vocalist spot was Leviathan Thisiren. Immediately promoter Oliver Weinsheimer of the Keep It True festival booked Satan's Host for the German festival where die-hard cult fans have had a demand for Satan's Host for over quarter of a century. Satan's Host performed April 24 in Germany for a packed house of crazed fanatic Metal fans that poured in from all corners of Europe to see the true one and only originators of Metal from Hell for the first time ever.

Once back in the states the band begun production for the early 2011 Moribund Cult Records release "By the Hands of the Devil" with long time producer Dave Otero at Flatline Audio. "I felt that me and Harry had some unfinished business from before, and how things have progressed lately I felt now was the best time to go ahead and take this to a whole new level," states Patrick Evil. The album was a hit in the global Metal market and has received critical acclaim and rave reviews.

With the band ready to release a second 2011 release on Nov. 22, the band is putting out a 25th anniversary album that commemorates the release of the cult classic "Metal from Hell" which is called "CELEBRATION For the Love of Satan" via Moribund Cult, the album has 12 tracks, 2 new and 10 tracks spanning off all the bands catalog.

In The Company Of Serpants

We play grimy, viscous sludge.

For fans of: Electric Wizard, Sleep, Weedeater, Sunn0))), Grief, Saint Vitus, Black Sabbath, Om, High on Fire, Khanate, etc.

Leigon Of Death

Legion Of Death is a Death Thrash band from Denver,Colorado formed in 1985 by Jeff Harmsen, Dennis Torres,Damion Alexander, and John Gottshalk. Andy Pfeiffer replaced Dennis Torres not long after the band formed. The band throughout the early 80's played various local gigs and parties, being a real crowd pleaser at keggers, where there were many drunk metal heads and punks alike. Legion Of Deaths 80's material primarily consisted of songs written about anything from death and dismemeberment, to getting a fucking D.U.I., to fucking a rivals mother. The joke songs coupled with the excellent speed and death songs written, made Legion Of Death a real standout among many run of the mills at the time. Mike Mcfarlin came to Legion in 1987 as lead guitarist, and Jeff Harmsen went on to form Anathema. Both bands played several gigs together over the years. Legion of Death has now reformed with a new lineup, with both Mike Mcfarlin, and Jeff Harmsen on Guitars. +20 year L.O.D. friends Chris Petersen from zombie hate brigade joins on bass, Len Leal from Cephalic Carnage rips out the vocals, and drummer Joe Howard from scalafrea is blazingly kick ass!


Denver metal
album "embers of the almighty"out on ossuary industries in 2013!!!!!!!!!!
offical despise the sun website!!!!!!
Band Interests
Keeping the death metal scene alive and in full force!
Artists We Also Like
condemned...amagortis...impending doom...sleep terror


Joe and Sean formed Orcinus from the ashes of H.S.S.C. and Siege Of Anguish. Discontent with misguided rehearsals, and music being the last priority, They got together and bashed out some new material with a new goal in mind. Music being the #1 priority, and doing it their way. No compromise. Steeped in Metal, Punk, and Hardcore. While letting the influence of older music they were raised on seep through. Orcinus is ready to set it off! And now with the addition of Donnie Craig on vocals (Ex Strict9), and Dan Montoya on bass, the new material promises to be ferocious!

We are a local Denver band that thrives on the philosophy of "Power through simplicity." We write songs that appeal to us as musician's and what we like to hear as fans of music. Plenty of hook and groove along with a good vocal attack. Music custom made to inspire moshpits and bang your head too til it falls off!

$5.00 - $10.00


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