Zeno, El Diablo

ZENO · This forward thinking producer from Denver, CO is influenced by the funk of house music, the step of drum and bass and the
“boom” of dubstep. No doubt, Zeno has developed an unmistakable sound that is uniquely his own. By blending thick bass lines, hyphy synths and magnetic rhythms, Zeno’s spectral tunes are not limited by
the confines of a single genre and can vary infinitely within the bass continuum. His multidimensional beats are designed to shake the universe and rock your mind while the dancefloor ascends into orbit.
Zeno has ventured into collaborations with other future-bass artists including Stagga, Chewie, Dirt Monkey and The Widdler and has received support from notable DJs like Starkey, DJ Wonder and Shiba. Zeno’s earth shaking album, titled “Concentric”, is scheduled for release on May 28th, 2013.

Dubstep & Glitch Hop sorcerer, his sets nothing short of shocking. A powerful and energetic force on the decks, El Diablo signed to MalLabel Music in 2008. His first release for the label, the hit “Rollin With My Crew” went on to a top 10 seller on Juno Download for over five weeks, topping at number five and prompting a music video for the title track. He continues to be one of MalLabel Music’s best selling and most popular artists. His release “ Devil in the Machine” debuting with support from Liquid Stranger topped the Beatport charts for several weeks, getting solid support from artists like Excision on his famous Shambhala Mix. Be on the look out for El Diablo he’s burning tingz up.


Within her 4'11 frame, a cognizant and elegantly breathy voice resides, ready for delivery. Born and raised just outside of San Francisco, Radius has been delving into her expressive abilities since 2006. Her style is a combination of consciously devised lyricism and a sharp, yet relaxed, delivery. With a velvety, whisperish tone, Radius formulates hooks and verses that are laden with metaphors and scholarly prowess.

Her work with producer El Diablo (Radius & El Diablo – “Killa Cali”) showcases her stylish and lush poetic flow, as well as her knack for infusing high energy rap over electronic dance music.

Radius’ number one goal in her artistic endeavors is to be a part of reintegrating intelligence and strong prosaic quality into the rap genre. She puts in a strong bid for wisdom infused and inspirational content with each stanza she spits.

Her latest label release, “We are the Rebels“, on Ihatefun Records charted at #22 on the Beatport Glitch Hop Top 100 Releases. Upcoming releases with Cory O (Tycho Records), El Diablo (MalLabel Music) & Kahn Kurra.



RYURY has a huge arsenal of diverse and hard to find sounds for all occasions. His sets go from here to there and back again. Known for always having the freshest and hottest tunes around he has a very good reputation amongst peoples for always keeping it a level above anyone else. He has shared the stage with a ridiculous amount of artists and knows how to throw down on the turntables like a bo$$

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