Colorado Colors: Hip Hop Showcase Hosted by and Featuring (uNiT)e & New Profession w/ Los, DoM CoLii, Dhymes of Aporia, Jacob Ryan, and Gold Chain Ricky

LivedLife Movement - {HushLife & (uNiT)e}

HushedLife and (uNiT)e not only share a bond through music but are also bound by blood.Since the birth of these two artists there was a connection deeper then the eye could see. The two cousins musical roots trace back to their grandfather, an amazingly gifted musician who passed away when both (uNiT)e and HushedLife were beginning to develop a passion and love for music. LivedLife is a movement that not only captures the attention of an audience, it delivers relatable messages and creates an escape through the revolutionary sounds created originally by HushedLife and the original yet witty style of (uNiT)e. LivedLife has opened for artists such as Pete Rock & CL Smooth, IAMSU!, Jay Ant, Kool John, and are making a name for themselves through the Colorado Hip Hop scene.

New Profession

New Profession is an upcoming artist and business professional striving to create new, innovative, and unique sounding music. He has released many projects in which he has put ridiculous amounts of time, money, and effort into perfecting and now he is dropping some of the biggest projects of his career so far for the end of 2015. He has developed his voice, movement, and direction and built a solid foundation for the vary valuable brand he is building up. He also believes he has found the key to finding success in his music career.
New Profession’s movement ” the bright vibe movement” was created to provide a way for a brighter future for the younger generation, not only mentoring people but also motivating people and providing music that people can fall back on in hard times. The definition of profession is, “a) a calling requiring specialized knowledge and often long and intensive academic preparation b) a principal calling, vocation c) the whole body of persons engaged in a calling” (Websters Dictionary). His main objective is to help guide his fans in there life in the right direction with his lyrics all while providing music that is catchy and easy to dance to.
“I am trying to create something different, something that no one has ever heard before.”
You could compare New Profession to many different artists such as Macklemore, Logic, G-Eazy, Hoodie Allen, and Kanye West but really New Profession is making his own unique name for himself through his very unique style, voice, and connection to his fans. What is unique about this artist is his voice and a hip hop style that includes singing and rapping combined. He is one of the few artists who actually sings most of his own hooks. This style allows for his shows to be full of energy and a lot of interaction with the crowd. He also has a business side of music that has been building up the movement with his promotion company Bright Vibe Entertainment which has put together many shows. NP also owns multiple business’s to fund his music career. In his music you will hear the ups and down of his life and how he struggles running many companies all while building a music brand.
Whenever he isn’t running his businesses’s , he tries to make something better of his career as an artist, whether it be promoting, writing, or thinking about what ideas and moves to make next. He has defined success in only 3 years by playing and putting together many shows, and putting out some very successful video releases with more music videos on the way. He is becoming well known on the Internet and through his city and is just getting started.
His influences range from Mac Miller and Hopsin’s recent success, to any artist that has started a movement in hip hop and changed the game, including Atmosphere, Notorious B.I.G, Dr. Dre, P-Diddy, and Jay-Z. He believes in building up a movement from the ground up so that he can benefit from the long term success of a music career as well as to be a successful business man looking to build a very valuable brand.
New Profession continues to progress each day, rehearsing his songs, often writing and promoting into the late hours of the night. Look out for the summer of 2015 with some huge release from NP including a couple projects he has been perfecting for a while as well as 6 new videos in the beginning of 2016.
This style of music has never been done before, and he welcomes anyone with an open mind to follow his inspiring journey to brighten both his future and yours.

In a world where hip-hop has been hopelessly confused with hip-pop, one man cunningly slays the diligent rhymes to awaken the masses. Dhymes, lyrical genius and philanthropist has created quite a commotion in the local Denver area, arousing stagnant mind states through swift lyrical pattern. Joshua Dosumu has been the freestyle king from the front seats of cars, to crowded skate parks, to basement rap battles, but has only recently decided to share his nostalgias with the public. Burning with aggression Dhymes aims to inspire creative and questioning thought towards the powers that be. Maybe one day hip-pop will finally cease to the true legendary embrace of hip-hop.

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